How to keep a diet journal

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The experience of sharing your diet to others

Have you ever seen those blogs that exist where a person keeps a diary of your routine you use to lose weight? Well, Evie has one and will tell in this interview how to involve others in the process of thinning.

Internet opened the game a lot in many ways, there’s no doubt. Today, any information may be available to anyone. Even the daily diet you’re doing.

But … do you feel COMP share the thinning process by your own blog? It serves? Help in the diet? As well. That is what we will respond Evie responsible. She has her blog and kindly tell you his experience on this subject. Do not miss their testimony!

How and why you decided to keep a diary of what your weight loss process?

‘I’ve always been rather plump, but did not become obese, a year ago when I was told I had gone from overweight to obese and decided to change my habits. It was not easy to cheer and I started reading blogs and articles of people who were going through or what I already had. These blogs were 16788219-reloj-conceptual-para-una-vida-saludablesupportive, so I decided to start doing the same thing, telling how my weight loss process.

What goals did you get and how you come in your progress?

‘I proposed to lose 30 kilos, while losing 25 was beginning to be at a healthy weight. I got to lose 15, but right now I uploaded three, so I’m lost 12 kilos.

-¿Te Helps to have a blog / journal when finding reasons to go on a diet?

‘More than the blog itself, helping is the wonderful people who read and comment, most are losing weight and we support each other. It’s great.


What diet or method you have chosen to move forward on the way to your goal?

My method is not the most exciting, is based solely on eating healthy, taking bread at breakfast with tomato and olive oil (a teaspoon), coffee, mid-morning a piece of fruit or two, depending on how hungry you have, lunch a salad and a scoop of homemade food (lentils, cooked, stew, fish soup, even pasta, but only a spoon!). Meriendo a tea or infusion or yogurt and vegetable dinner with fish or meat. You see, I try to eat everything, even a treat once in a while. This is a distance race one week and if I do not lose weight no burden, I prefer to go step by step and be sure that I will go too seriously and end up leaving.

And of course, combine this with some sport. In short, lead a healthier life.

How do you currently feel about your weight and how mood face the rest?

-currently I feel comfortable, I still have much to lose, I know, but right now I’m in a small impasse. I hope to lose weight quickly but not lose it overwhelms me right now, it is not important to win and especially not to the habits that made rise much weight.

-Finally, Here you can add whatever you think necessary.

Losing weight is not an easy task, have become obese because I had some unhealthy habits and why not say it? I love to eat things I should not! And that change is not easy. We must change the mentality completely and spend some time that many times we do not have, but which ultimately has a positive effect.

When I started I did not think she could find three hours a week for exercise, but was doing so I was more animated and began to organize my time better. I do not like exercise, I have never liked me and I do not ever like me, but I like the effect it has on me, in my life, in my agility, my mood.

Thanks for the interview, I would add one last thing for your readers: if you’re thinking that you should lose weight I do not think in the short term, do not make a bikini operation that promise rapid loss, go step by step, you will come further.

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