How to know if a diet is not good for weight loss

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43397894-tres-mujeres-de-pie-en-diferentes-escalas5 keys to detect a bad diet

A good diet is one that breaks your bad eating habits, the only way to lose weight and not to regrow. But … how to know if a diet is good or not to lose weight? Find out from these 5 keys to detect a bad diet.

There are many diets, they can even be very effective in the first instance, but often, the results obtained are reversed in a short time. The bigger and faster the weight loss, the more likely you will be to regain the pounds off.

Do you wonder how to know if the diet you are about to undertake is good or not to lose weight? If so, let me tell you that there are certain keys to detecting a bad diet. Take note:

 Do you propose a 180 degree turn to your current eating? Drastic changes are very difficult to maintain over time. It may be an excellent diet but if it has nothing to do with your lifestyle, chances are that you can not continue in the long term.

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Does it prohibit whole groups of food? Each macronutrient fulfills its function in the organism. While you can limit the intake of any of them for a short time, restricting them completely will result in more harm than good. Even fats, so battered in diets for weight loss, are necessary for you to lose weight healthily.
Have you spent a couple of days and notice no change? When you’re just starting a diet, you’re probably looking forward to seeing results. In fact, in the beginning of the diet is when more noticeable is the weight loss. The clothes begin to go a little more loose and the needle of the scale moves, rewarding your efforts. If this does not happen cause much frustration so that diet will not be good for you.
Do not let you eat with your family or friends? If your diet plan is so restrictive that it does not allow you to share moments and enjoy meals in the company of others, you will find it very difficult to maintain it. At least a day or two a week you have to be able to get a little out of it.
Do you starve yourself or are you all day in a bad mood? While the diet is supposed to represent an effort, it should not be something tortuous. If you are very hungry or in a bad mood it is because you are not consuming what your body needs. In the long run, you’ll be much more likely to throw everything away.
In any case, a diet with any of these characteristics is not good for weight loss. Look for a better option. :)

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