How to lose weight 5 kilos with water and without diet

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23290620-etapas-de-verter-agua-en-un-vasoWater slim without dieting

If loads with several kilos more, perhaps 700 grams per month seems not a significant figure, or a significant weight loss. However, you know that can you lose weight these grams only drinking water?

Plan to lose weight with water and 5 kilos without dieting
8 frequently asked questions about how to lose weight with water
Indeed, water slim without dieting. To try, nothing is lost or rather yes: you go down without realizing it, nearly 5 kilos for next summer. That sounds very, very good! :) What are you waiting for? Today begins to thin with water and reaches the summer with five kilos less.

Numerous studies confirm it: if you’re dieting, drink plenty of water a day is very important to lose weight quickly and easily. However, you may not have noticed so far, in the fact that this simple trick can, by itself, take away a few kilos more. Well, that’s right.

As Dr. Cormillot explains, drink a couple of glasses of water before each meal, reduce your intake by 75 to 90 calories per meal. Two meals a day, this represents a minimum of 4,500 calories less ingested per month, equivalent to approximately 700 grams of fat.

Plan to lose weight with water and 5 kilos without dieting

Drink a couple of glasses of water before meals
Substitute sugary juices, even the light, pure water.
When you feel really hungry or food cravings, outside the established meal, drink a couple of glasses of water.
Need more tricks to drink more water? Well then, do not miss this video, where you will find ideas to drink more than two liters a day.

8 frequently asked questions about how to lose weight with water

1. Fattening water?
Slimline, has zero calories. On the contrary, as is satiating and helps speed up metabolism, if you take more than two liters of water a day can burn fat more easily and thus lose weight fast.

2. Water: help you lose weight?

Yes. But keep in mind that water alone does not lose weight, it helps you reduce calories by replacing other drinks with sugar and stimulate the metabolism. Useless to drink plenty of water to lose weight if you do not combine it with a slimming diet.

3. How to drink water to lose weight?

The you can drink in several ways: cold, hot (in tea), fasting, before meals (advisable to take advantage of their satiating properties), during meals and after dinner (to encourage diuresis and peristalsis).

4. How lose weight drinking water?

You can water diet, drinking water fasting, drink plain water during the day or use it to prepare juices and light juices.

5. Serve drinking water fasting for weight loss?

Sí.El water fasting not only allows you to remove toxins caused during sleep, but also is an excellent remedy to eliminate fluid retention. It also helps you to reduce hunger.

6. How much water to take to lose weight?

Ideally it takes about 3 liters, 2 liters of which should be naturally liter water and the remaining water could be infusions or juices. However, these quantities are related according to the weight and height of each person.

7. How to take 2 liters of water to lose weight?

Drink two liters of water a day is easier than it looks. To give you an idea, two liters are approximately 10 glasses of standard size. Drink a glass fasting, one before each meal and rest distribute them throughout the day. Ideally, you do not take two liters at once, but it slowly.

8. How is the water diet to lose weight?

It is a short diet, 7 days, which combine foods high in liquids (such as fruit and vegetables), teas, juices and natural water. Not only it helps eliminate fluid retention and therefore lose kilos, but to purify your body.

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