How to lose weight fast in 2 stages

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5254268-yogur-y-la-frescura-de-frutas2 Steps to Lose Weight Fast

Fast weight loss is the goal of everyone who suffers from obesity or overweight. If you are one of these people, in this note you will find information on how to achieve it in only 2 stages or phases. In them, you will find suggestions that will allow you to lose weight quickly.

While the best way to lose weight is to do it in a balanced and slow, to avoid complications and rebound effects; There are quick and simple ways to perform that will help you lose weight in just 2 stages.

Characteristics of the diet

The first phase is characterized by being unbalanced, and in dissociating food consumption. This imbalance of stage 1 is compensated in phase 2.
This diet has a total duration of 30 days, dividing into two stages of 15 days.
You can lose between 1 and 2 kilos per week.
The suggested food selection will be distributed throughout the day in 6 meals.
Foods that can be consumed during phase 1

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Dairy: light fresh cheese and skimmed yogurt.
Eggs: only the clear.
Fish: all but certain seafood such as scallops and oysters.
White meats: chicken, turkey, rabbit.
Cereals and legumes: vegetables once a week to replace meats, cereals and whole grain products.
Vegetables: all except avocado or avocado.
Oils: only of olive.
Drinks: only water.
Foods that can be consumed during phase 2

To the previous diet, lean red meats, lean meats, skim milk, fruits in general, especially between meals, are added to the main meals.
As for the egg, you can consume up to 3 whole units weekly.
You can also drink 1 glass of red wine.
This 2-stage diet allows you to lose weight faster, thanks to the fact that in the first phase, protein intake is slightly increased, which helps you burn fat faster. During the second stage this imbalance is compensated, increasing the consumption of carbohydrates, through the fruits.

Likewise, it is important to keep in mind that balanced diet along with physical activity and medical checks is the way to ensure that you lose weight, in a balanced and healthy way.

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