How to lose weight given your face

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47191868-face-womanFacial diet that you would lose up to 6 kilos in a week

Every day new diets, slimming trends that promise to lose weight quickly emerge. One of the new trends is the facial diet, which apparently would allow you to lose up to six kilos in a week. This diet would take into account the shape of your face. If you are interested in how to lose weight with it, do not miss this article.

The facial diet was created by Elizabeth Gibaud, nutritionist and British iriologa, who only considering the kind of face that has can design you a specific diet for you. You can even know that micronutrients missing from your diet.

What is the facial diet?

The diet consists of first instance to read your rosto, from there Elizabeth Gibaud proposes a special diet that would allow you to lose up to 6 kilos in 7 days.

Elizabeth Gibaud notes certain points of the face.

The skin. If your skin is yellowish or bluish you can be deficient in some minerals, as well as urinary problems.
Pores too open. This would be a sign that your internal environment is very acidic.
Dewlap. If you have double chin may indicate kidney problems.
Swollen eyes. It is a sign that your colon may be clogged.
Lines on the forehead. It may be noted that the diet is rich in fat.
Lines above his eyebrows. Indicate liver problems.
From this reading face a diet and a specific menu for each person is prepared.

These menus not only be low in calories, but involve dietary changes that include knowing what foods are healthier and how to cook them to subtract calories and improve overall health.

In my opinion, this diet can have points of contact with the oriental medicine that perhaps can help determine certain personal characteristics, but it is important to note that according to medical allopathic different types of physical and clinical tests are needed to determine different health problems which they may be associated with overweight, as well as nutritional deficit.

You must be very cautious to take into account these diets, and to lose 6 kilos in a week is not healthy and slim body resents so quickly.

Remember, the best way to lose weight is gradually and controlled by a doctor and a nutritionist.

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