How to lose weight with diet just taste

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42105624-meat with vegetablesA single taste for every meal

In recent times there has emerged a new diet, known as the right diet flavor. This diet is different, and bases its success in choosing a single flavor for every meal. If you want to know a little about it, I invite you to learn how to lose weight with this diet.

As to seem as many flavors there are, the more we eat. This natural effect known as Sensory Specific Satiety, would be responsible for overeating, even without being hungry. Given this fact, the right diet flavor was designed.

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The right diet flavor has gained notoriety and popularity in recent times in the United States. Its creator, researcher David Katz, considers that there is today a wide range of foods rich in sugars and fats, which overstimulate the appetite center (center located in the brain). This effect delays the feeling of fullness or satiety.

For this reason, Katz proposed a diet in which a flavor is chosen for each meal. Thus reduces appetite and therefore food intake. This diet consists phases.

During the first phase a specific flavor per day is chosen, for example if you choose the orange flavor, all preparations and food you consume during the day should be sprinkled with orange. Thus, to taste these meals a stimulus that will reduce hunger and give you full faster shooting.

During the second phase or stage a taste for food is chosen; which would reduce food consumption and therefore would be useful for weight loss.

This eating plan lasts for two months, in which control appetite and weight loss is achieved.

While it appears to be a monotonous diet regime it has the advantage of not being a restrictive diet.

Greater control diet just taste is the taste and quantity of food. As for the selection of foods, consumption of refined flour and its products is restricted.

While this is a novel and different diet, it will be a matter of observing its acceptance over time.

Remember that the best diets are customized and controlled by a doctor and / or nutritionist to avoid possible health complications diets.

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