Ice cream protein to burn fat

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33704518-Ice cream dietLight dessert to lose weight fast

If you want to burn fat eating a tasty but light dessert you can, prepare yourself an ice cream protein; Ideal to burn fat and lose weight. Do not miss the recipe.

While the ice cream is an ideal preparation for varano, you can also consume it in the other seasons, especially if it is an ideal slimming cream, as it has special characteristics because it is a protein rich dessert.

This dessert besides being light has other features that will help you lose weight more quickly, such as burn fat. Why ?, because it is a high protein recipe, which when you eat encourages the use of fat reserves accumulated in your body.

Ice cream recipe to burn fat protein

1 cup plain yogurt or light
1 tablespoon whey proteins.
¼ cup almond milk.
¼ cup walnuts.
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed.
2 teaspoons powdered sweetener.

Place all ingredients in a blender and process until well blended.
Once you have achieved the consistency is creamy, placed in a special container for making ice cream or in a covered container.
In the latter case, do not forget to keep it in the freezer or freezer until the mixture solidifies.
This ice cream provides animal protein and vegetable origin and also gives you fiber and fatty acids good quality, which allows you to consume, even if your cholesterol is high. Moreover, it is also a recipe that you can get even if you suffer from diabetes, because it contains no added sugar.

A preparation as this protein can consume ice cream for dessert or as a snack in a balanced diet or as part of a high protein diet.

Remember that if you accompany a diet rich in proteins with physical activity, fat burning occurs faster. However this advantage of this type of diet, remember that it is not desirable that perform long as they can have side effects on health.

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