Is effective the ketogenic diet?

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Do they work or do not work diets rich in protein and fat to lose weight?

keto diet works and how easy examples of minutes of every day becomes
Submitted by ana

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Fat loss and increased muscle mass
Why ketogenic diets do not work?
Hi Ana: The ketogenic diet is effective, with it you can lose weight quickly. But for being restrictive and disharmonic diet it should be done only for a short period of time, not more than one month. Otherwise it can bring health consequences, such as:

Bad cholesterol elevation.
Elevated triglycerides.
Arterial hypertension.
If you want to lose weight quickly you can be performed:

A model cetogéncia slimming diet.
A menu of Dr. Atkins diet.
The South Beach Diet.
These are different options ketogenic diets to help you lose weight quickly. Remember it is very important that resort to your doctor with any questions.

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Fat loss and increased muscle mass

12008834-un-regalo-para-tiI’m tired

Since about 10 days ago I started doing the ketogenic diet (30-day diet) and have lost just 500g more than seeing that not under anything. I changed something I tell them what I take breakfast latte and muesli, fruit or yogurt midmorning, breast meal with salad, yogurt or fruit snack and dinner a yogurt or salad and tea. This I 2 l of water, I’m about 30 minutes, I go up and down stairs, why not low? What am I doing wrong? I’m desperate, not to see anything.

Sent by gonza
Hello Gonza: Within protein diets, ketogenic diets have a special place. These diets are characterized by high fat and protein. In general these diets have effects on the body, different from traditional diets, and it seems that do not work as expected.

Ketogenic diets mobilizing act on the body fats, which are used by the body for energy. This thermogenic effect by the physical activity you do causes a replacement of muscle tissue by fatty tissue. This effect is not reflected so much in the balance, because if you lose fat, you increase the amount of muscle mass. This may be one explanation of why the scale only shows you’ve downloaded 500 gr. within 1 month.

Moreover, you can modify the diet you mentioned and divide the day into two parts. During the first half of the day consume cereals, fruits and vegetables that you mention and after only consume snack foods rich in animal protein, such as skim milk, lean meats and raw egg. This suggestion is based on the action of metabolism decreases throughout the day, so it is not advisable to consume cereals or foods high in carbohydrates in the evening or night.

This tip can help further accelerate your metabolism. The important thing is do not despair as this can generarte anxiety, which may result in a binge of food or derails what you’ve accomplished so far.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

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Why ketogenic diets do not work?

Ketogenic diets are popular diets to have quick results. While often effective, sometimes they do not work as they should. If you want to know why and what the most common mistakes that can derail this diet are, you do not stop reading this note.

Do not consume enough fat. Many of the people doing this diet not only reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, but also reduce fat intake. The percentages of fat that should be handled on a ketogenic diet are between 60-80%. Foods that can complete consumption high percentage of fat are meat and derivatives. In these cases it is important to choose fats and polyunsaturated fats mainly choose.
Eating a high amount of carbohydrates. To get into ketosis is necessary not only to increase the consumption of fat, but reduce sugar intake. You can not consume more than 70 grams. daily hydrates. It is therefore important to avoid cereals, dried fruit, starchy vegetables.
Excessive salt intake. This causes fluid retention, which can be translated into several kilos more for balanza.Este error is probably the easiest to solve, since the consumption of herbal teas and diuretic infusions can lose fluids that your body is retaining .

Anxiety about losing weight fast. The trouble can backfire, because each body reacts differently. While many people begin to lose weight fast, others need more time to begin to lose weight. However, when the body begins to adapt to this new diet, the situation is reversed and the body starts to burn fat. This desperation can throw everything overboard and end the diet.

It is important to have in mind that ketogenic diets are not healthy, and that can only be performed for a short time because they are not balanced, and harmonious.

Your body needs each and every one of the macro and micro nutrients to function properly and be healthy. Therefore, remember that the best diet is the personalized diet that suits your needs and habits.

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