Is the Paleo diet healthy?

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Some behaviors for your Paleo diet is flawless

The paleo diet is all the rage among Hollywood celebrities, even a diet that now has its time, since the 70s the gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin began to spread it.

This diet is based on eating foods that nature gives (vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, herbs) and set aside processed foods (including sugar, flour, wheat, pasta).

You can also find her with her name primitive or ancestral diet and your priority is to understand the body of each person and adapt the diet to your diet to your needs.

Although the concept of this diet goes far beyond food and ends up being a lifestyle, because foods included are not as compatible with large cuidases or life away from nature.

The paleo diet includes:

Meat, organs and farmed free broth and organic animals, ie not grass fed soy or other prepared foods.
36595185-productos-de-dieta-saludables-primas-para-la-dieta-paleoVegetables, vegetables and fruits without pesticides and organic.
Healthy fats such as avocado or olive, almond or coconut.
At the same time you should avoid:

Pasteurized milk (you should take raw milk or vegetable).
Gluten, celiac if you’re not, it can cause you inflammation in the body, is also a highly industrialized product.

 Grains, despite all the benefits that have grains in the diet, they choose a paleo diet who prefer to avoid them.

 Sweeteners, hydrogenated oils industry.
An interesting point of this diet is to find the balance between work and leisure. This, inspired by the balance that primitive man already in his time. This is where the diet is further complicated and many people prefer to move to more natural spaces, which get their own food and have a lighter and stress life.

It is a controversial diet because while eliminating pesticides, gluten, genetically modified foods and prepared industrially, which are some of the great evils of contemporary diet. Moreover it means a radical change in your life, so it is important that if you want to try, do slowly and thoroughly.

Begin eliminating gluten, dairy and refined sugars, continue for a while, they may be two weeks, a month or two and check your body’s reactions; if you can start adding raw dairy and eggs, if not tolerate can remove, because the diet must also accommodate you.

While it is inspired by the Paleolithic man right now it is that we’re not, so the idea is not to copy the power of that time, but mold it acts lifestyle diet. Keep in mind that the man before long more exercise, walking more, nor were hunted diseases that today are common as cancer.


For its root in the Paleolithic eating is often believed to be a high protein, unbalanced and by other restrictive diet. Moreover, the idea of ​​eliminating the concept of breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner is totally against what is currently believed.

While on one hand it is interesting to eliminate flour and other harmful foods as the industrialized, on the other, they are part of the current diet, and if consumed in perspective need not harm your health.

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