Kale, a new ally in your diet

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The kale, a vegetable with many benefits

Have you ever heard of curly kale or cabbage? It is a typical vegetable of some European areas, but curiously has been quite popular lately in the world of dieting. Want to know more about its properties? Well, then you just have to read this article to know them.

You’ve probably heard lately from a variety of cabbage, very renowned in the world of weight loss, known as kale. For many, they are just old and dear kale, also known in some places as cabbage. And what has become an almost forgotten vegetable throughout a bastion of health? Well that’s what you’ll learn in this note.

Why you should add some curly kale or cabbage in your diet:

27910796-la-col-rizada-verde-fresca-en-un-taz-n-de-cer-mica-enfoque-selectivoVery low in calories. For every 100 grams of kale you’ll be adding anything more than 33 calories. Therefore, you can eat kale practically all you want, it will not affect your diet at all.
Rich in fibers. A cup of kale provides about 10 percent of your daily fiber requirement. It is satisfying and at virtually no limits to eat, you can use it whenever you’re hungry.
Cleanses the liver. Apparently, the consumption of kale is can be very well to help work on hepatic clearance. This is a typical property of the cruciferous species to which the kale belongs.
It is rich in vitamins of all kinds. Vitamin C, A and K are some containing this plant, rich in nutrients of all kinds.
It is diuretic and cleansing. By having lots of fiber, it is very good to work on the digestive system and help keep it clean. Moreover, because they contain potassium, great for helping with urination.
It can be used both raw and cooked. When cooking kale or collard greens, you’re not going to have any kind of problem. Already, nor hesitate to use it in smoothies. One is particularly well with fruit detox.

Of course, do not expect kale kale or do miracles in your life. The key to your weight loss is exercise, balanced diet and perseverance. This plant will deflate and will provide benefits as described, but not the magic bullet for weight loss.

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