Ketogenic diet to lose weight

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19856208-tiras-de-prueba-del-ph-papel-tornasol-y-orina-en-el-tubo-de-ensayo-aislado-en-fondo-blancoDiet rich in protein and fat to lose weight

Over time many diets have been devised, such it is the case of model ketogenic diet to lose weight. This diet rich in protein and fat allows you to lose weight quickly. Through the foods that make up you can spend your calories at the expense of fatty deposits. Keep in mind that this diet can be useful only for a limited time.

What is the ketogenic diet to lose weight?
Model ketogenic diet to lose weight
What are the risks of ketogenic diets?
A diet rich in protein and fat for weight loss, also called ketogenic diet is a restrictive diet that lets you quickly burn calories at the expense of fatty substances in your body. Keep in mind that the ideal is to have the doctor’s consent before doing this or any other diet.

What is the ketogenic diet to lose weight?

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As its name implies, the ketogenic diet is based on provoke a state of ketosis in your body. The formation of ketone bodies or ketosis can occur by:

Prolonged fasting
A low calorie diet with insufficient energy supply
A diet rich in protein and fat but very restricted in carbohydrates
When speaking of ketogenic diet to lose weight refers generally to a type of diet where proteins and fats predominate at the expense of a significant restriction of carbohydrates. In such diets, carbohydrates you consume should not exceed a maximum of 50 grams per day or a percentage of 5 to 10% of total calories consumed.

Why the ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss? Restricting carbohydrate intake, energy source par excellence, forces your body to use fat stores for energy. Thus, it is allowing you to lose weight faster, even without limits calorie intake.

 Model ketogenic diet to lose weight

First step (1 to 10 days)
It is forbidden to consume:
Any product in its production possesses flour
You can eat:
Cold cuts
Nonfat yogurt
Milk cream
Leafy greens
Tomato (1/2 day)
Diet drinks
Coffee or tea

Second stage (day 11 to day 20)
A food allowed in the first stage must be added:
½ liter of skim milk
Raw or cooked vegetables
Fruits: 2 oranges 1 or 2 peaches or plums or apples or six 1 cup strawberries
Third stage (day 21 to 30)
If you have successfully completed the first two stages can be added:
Dietary or integral noodles
1 dessert dietary per day
In the middle of this stage you should have a day off so you can eat whatever you like, you just have to be careful in quantities. This will help you avoid the plateau that usually occurs in any diet.

What are the risks of ketogenic diets?

They are very unbalanced in nutrients. For this reason, the ketogenic diets should not be performed by more than a month, otherwise you can start to affect your health, with some of these complications:

Kidney problems
Liver problems
Arterial hypertension
Keep in mind that this diet rich in protein and fat to lose weight is an unbalanced diet, so if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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