Keys and secrets of the macrobiotic diet

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vegetablesInterview with Rachel Magem: Fighting overweight changing eating habits

Macrobiotics is a natural diet, which not only can help you to lose weight but also improve your quality of life. Therefore, you better know everything about macrobiotics, and how to combat overweight changing dietary habits, Rachel’s hand Magem, dietitian and creative cook specializing in macrobiotics.

All about the macrobiotic diet and protein diets
Raquel Magem proposes a change of attitude towards life, where food plays a very important role. From the choice of natural foods, and eating healthier preparations, weight loss occurs naturally. Therefore, I invite you to read this interview and know all about the macrobiotic diet.

Factors that cause obesity and related diseases

– In your opinion, what are the factors that influence the global rise of obesity and diseases associated with it?

-Increase global obesity in most developed and westernized, puntualizaría countries. It should be excess animal protein, saturated fat and sugars. Everything refined, junk food. Another factor is the amount of food or daily caloric intake which in turn derives in part from the food not really feeds cellular level, not nourished, and thus leads to many people diverted from eating more and more behaviors.

It is unfortunate, but the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets are full of this “food” that does not nourish, it destroys. And so we will, overweight increasing alarmingly, especially in childhood obesity rates.

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The ideal diet

– What are your thoughts on strict diets and unbalanced ?, really help you lose weight?
– Yes, thin; as restrictive as not eat “anything” safe slimming. Another issue is whether they are healthy or lead associated health risks, and whether statistically you maintain an ideal weight ensure long-term, or ideal, for life.

– How should it be composed of a diet to lose weight, that is effective and healthy?

‘What I’ll tell you! It is my great bet. pure food, whole grains, legumes, seeds and vegetables as a base, more fruit and fish. All it balanced. “Normal” amount (1,500-2,000 Kcal on average), especially not low calorie, but not enough to burst. And above all enjoy. A diet penance is not a good plan. Cooking with care and dedication, and is rich. With healthy desserts included.

– Is it true that if “as less I lose more weight”?
If less eat fewer calories, this is called X. Other factors “weight” is eating better, we call Y; and physical activity, we call Z. X is one of the factors, not the only one to consider.

How many meals a day is necessary to increase metabolism and lose weight?

We should analyze each case personalized, case by case. The answer would be from 3 (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 5 (plus two small half percolation morning / afternoon snack).

Factors to keep in mind:

Children should eat more times.
People with lots of physical activity should eat more times.
Routines. A person who gets up late and could eat early, at 13: 00h, does not have to do midmorning.
-The Dining lucky soon be snacking or not. Moreover, if a snack will represent slow dinner for lack of hunger, it seems to me a mistake.
And attention, faint between meals is a symptom alert to tackle. It is not just about eating to alleviate hunger or fainting, if not to find out the “why” to tackle the problem as poor diet without enough carbohydrates slow absorption.

All about the macrobiotic diet and protein diets

‘What the macrobiotic diet is based? Is a balanced or restrictive diet?

Depends on whom the practice. Macrobiotics can be understood in many ways, that is true. As far as I’m concerned, macrobiotics is a framework that merges balance (according to WHO recommendations) with Nature (ecological, integrated, predominantly of the plant world). In any case the restrictive aspect earmark the sugar, pastries, pork sausage, bacon, refined, precooked white bread, cans, hipersalados snacks and other foods that are marketed denatured with pesticides and additives added. Yes I advise it aside.

Moreover, it is important to take into account the great diversity of cereal grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables and seasonal fruits. As well as fish with sauces, and delicious desserts without sugar. Thus, they varied and can be tailored fully balanced menus.

How important are whole grains and seeds in the diet?

-Relevante. Whole grains, especially corn, as is offered by nature, such as brown rice, barley, millet … They are an excellent source of carbohydrates slow absorption + fiber + minerals and vitamintas + essential fatty acids found in the germ + “vitality”, the ability to germinate, we also provides the energy that makes the difference.

With the seeds we focus on the importance of the concept of whole food, living food. In this case the main nutrient would lipids or fats, fat highest quality. In passing I mention the importance of legumes as a source of vegetable protein, whose amino acids are supplemented with cereals.

What do you think about meats and inclusion in the diet?

-On Animal proteins, better fish than meat. A protein quality equal fish fats provide us better and are easier to digest.
Anyway, I do not mind eating meat punctually in any case recommending their ecological origin. In fact, it has always eaten meat, but now the consumer is in greater quantity and poor quality compared to yesteryear. What is never consumed until relatively recently is sugar, a fatal modernity, yes I think it’s a poison.

-Proteins animal or vegetable proteins, Which are better for health?

-The WHO says it. We take too many animal proteins. We should take between 12-15% maximum, when far exceed 25-30% on average. Before the drop was only wealthy disease by eating as much meat, now we can eat whatever we want, pathologies associated with excess animal protein plaguing our society.
The vegetables are healthier and better animals but more polluting assimilable to our body by waste metabolites. Pollution (as opposed to debugging) equals malfunction of all machinery, sooner or later.

Proposal: EQUILIBRIUM. I think respectable vegan option for health, ethical or environmental and social. But I think we can find a balance. Retrieve the important role that plant proteins think that we provide legumes (20-23%) deserve along with cereal (7-10%) and seeds (13-19%) and compleméntalo with the extraordinary wealth of amino acids in the world animal.
Note: 150g fish on a menu already have more than enough. Protein should not be the main characters, only companions.

What do you think about protein diets?

-I dislike. The term itself defines the imbalance. I recognize that appeal to society at large, easy to carry out, everywhere offer animal proteins, people generally like meat and are also effective on the weight in the short term. Success almost assured.

But not I find the right proposal. My bet is another health. Health is also losing weight, of course, and also forever, with new habits, with a whole new life.

Protein diets harm our health, for example due to:

Excessive intake saturated fats that raise cholesterol and uric acid.
hormonal excessive intake, the animal itself more commercially supplied during their upbringing constantly flirting with illegality really endangering our health.
Spending vital for metabolizing and demineralization energy to compensate for the acidity of the blood that causes consumption.
The putrefaction in the intestines impairs the intestinal flora and can cause cancer. Our digestive system is not carnivorous.
In addition, damage our planet, they are expensive and environmentally unfriendly. And harm, the deplorable conditions in which unfortunately tend to breed the animals. And partly we are all guilty.

Moreover, I have treated people who told me how bad it felt to follow these diets, especially irritable, with a sense of tension, “bad milk” the could not shake off. Hydrates, the “good” create tranquility and peace, just the opposite.
In fact, it is always advised to follow a high protein diet “under control and medical supervision” with regular blood tests etc. I interpret that we are saying it is dangerous. In contrast, eating healthy and balanced does not need medical supervision is more, you need not ask for time to practice more than a blue moon.

-¿La Macrobiotic diet aims only lose weight or a change in mentality regarding food?

‘Just you lose weight? Not so if you want a method of thinning. Nor is a change of mentality only against the food, it is a change of attitude towards life.

It starts with the food, maybe, but you will be aware of many things around you. You care that cooking methods are respectful with food to retain maximum nutrients and vitality (use microwave?), That the vessels are “clean” as is the teflon or aluminum, you care about water quality, etc.

You spend a more eco life, food, cosmetics (thousands of mouths are your pores), home hygiene, etc. You take care of yourself, you feel better and do more things, more joy, more happiness. There are people who discover their passion for cooking, others start at the pleasure of walking and really appreciate nature. We are what we eat. If you do not mind being a little “geek” welcome to the club.

-¿La Macrobiotic diet fits each person or rigid?

Like almost everything is life, it depends on the individual how far you want to reach with the rigidity and flexibility. Be flexible and adaptable.

-within The macrobiotic diet, sugar is bad in the diet?

-within Macrobiotics and beyond. Sugar is not a matter of no ordinary diets, is a serious problem in society. WHO recommends a maximum daily intake of sugars is 10%. Attention, maximum, not a minimum. If 0 better. What is good for the brain is glucose that give us hydrates and slowly passing blood and no sugar.
Sugar, addictive, unbalances our bodies, empty calories, extrarápida energy, food to get away and not sorrow, and their consumption is associated with many diseases that would be a while to list. Cancer, obesity, tooth decay, diabetes …

What do you think about the food you eat can be your own medicine?

-Clear. Every day I see in others. Every day I feel it in my own person. As a well-known ayurvedic proverb says, “When food is bad, the medicine does not work; When the power is correct, medicine is not necessary “

‘What benefits do those who perform a macrobiotic diet, and how it influences the quality of life?

Besides saying goodbye forever to problems with weight, you’ll notice as you get a cold, catarrh goodbye, various pains. Where are the aspirins? And feel good-looking, healthier skin and hair, eyes brighter, with more light and cellulite Where was it? Disappears. Cellulite is inflammation of the cell is diseased cell. If the cell is no longer sick because it is well nourished as creams goodbye.

What reflection can convey to those who need to lose weight and improve your health?

Congratulations. This is your opportunity. Losing weight is a motivation, take it for much more, to feel healthy and happy. Do not waste time and health forced, irrational and unbalanced diets. Get down to the pool and learn to swim. You will see the true salvation.

-Finally Rachel Where can we find you?

As you have been able to read, there are other healthier alternatives that allow you to not only lose weight but to help you improve your quality of life and reduce other risk factors associated with overweight.

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