Kushi Macrobiotic Diet

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15029981-las-frutas-y-verduras-como-tomates-calabacines-melones-pl-tanos-y-uvas-dispuestas-en-un-grupo-naturaA philosophy of life that helps you lose weight

The macrobiotic diet but a diet is considered a philosophy of life, which not only can help you lose weight, but also change your quality of life. From its beginnings they have created different alternative macrobiotic diets, such as that created by Michio Kushi.

You may peguntes who Muchio Kushi. Well, it is one of the proponents of the macrobiotic diet, and is responsible for the introduction of modern macrobiotic diet in the United States.

Kushi Muchio both to the followers of the macrobiotic diet, that diet is related to spiritual development, improving food and treats various physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

The macrobiotic diet developed by Kushi can help you lose weight, but you need to know everything about her, to know if you have or not adverse health effects.

What kind of diet is the Kushi diet?

It is considered an alternative macrobiotic diet low in calories.

What foods make up such a diet?

Foods that should be consumed on a daily basis:

Vegetables: Between 20 to 30%.
Whole grains: Between 40 to 60%.
Legumes, derivatives, algae, vegetable oil: between 5 to 10%.
Foods that can be consumed on a weekly basis

Fruits, seeds, nuts, sweeteners and fish.

Foods that can be consumed on a monthly basis

Dairy, eggs, poultry and lean meats.

What is the nutritional value of Kushi’s macrobiotic diet?

Rich in minerals and vitamins. This diet is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, thanks to the great contribution of plant foods. This feature makes this a purifying diet and antioxidant system.
disharmonic diet. It is a disharmonic diet, since the contribution of proteins of high biological value is low in relation to a balanced diet.
It provides negative calories. It is a diet that provides negative calories, as many of the vegetables and fruits that provide comprehensive this property, therefore it can be very useful for weight loss.
It provides unsaturated fats. For foods that make up such a diet, this diet is rich in unsaturated and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol (it is important to remember that both cholesterol and saturated fats meet bodily functions, but should be consumed in moderation).

What are the consequences of diet on health?

Because this diet provides a low percentage of protein of high biological value, it can cause muscle weakness and fatigue, as well as problems in the nervous system (especially at the low fat intake).

While the macrobiotic diet aims to balance the yin and yang to stay healthy in all dimensions of your being, you need to be careful because some alternatives this diet may be imbalanced. Therefore, before starting a weight loss plan like this it is always wise to consult your doctor.

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