Lemon cure for fatty liver

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16647164-citrus-lemonA cure for liver detoxify and purify the body a little

Fatty liver is one of the most common problems that exist among overweight people. It is that many lipids, resulting from poor diet, full of sugars, fats, alcohol and refined foods, ends up generating this annoying condition steatosis. But you can always fight one way or another. And with natural elements that help you lose weight and feel lighter, so much the better.

Positive and negative effects of the cure of lemon in your body
The following proposal is not a definitive solution for fatty liver, but a good cure lemon to cleanse the liver, to begin to feel better and then take a low calorie diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and also accompanied by activity physical. That is, the bases that will make you lose weight and rid of steatosis. Do you dare to try it?

What should you take during the lemon cure for fatty liver?

You must prepare a drink that consume daily fasting, with the following ingredients:

A cup of plain apple juice
A cup of mineral or pure water
Juice of three lemons
One teaspoon of turmeric
A garlic clove
A one-centimeter piece of fresh ginger
One tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil
Preparation and consumption:

Place all ingredients in the bowl of a blender and process until you have left a perfectly homogeneous liquid.
Drink this shake early in the day, his body completely fasting.
Just two hours to make the cure, should take an herbal infusion. Then, yes, you can eat something.

Food for the cure of lemon

Healthily. With many vegetables, fruits and raw foods. Do not eat refined products (flour, sugar), or alcohol, no coffee, no fat and preferably not meat.

You can eat some fish or chicken breast grilled or with other healthy cooking. Drink plenty of fluids, consume tea, making fruit juices and go for a walk outdoors.

How long you must do?

For five days, a week at most.

This is the ideal time duration that usually have these intensive care, which are low in calories and can not be extended much further in time.

Positive and negative effects of the cure of lemon in your body

Your body and especially your liver will be purged in a big way, releasing many toxins, reducing their level of accumulated fat in the liver area and also, surely, losing some kilos effect of eating healthy and full of good nutrients. You will gain vitality, joy and energy. But remember: this has to be only the starting point for you to make healthier habits face to solve your problems of overweight and steatosis.

This cure, like many others that are usually performed on the liver, can reach generarte at certain times some moodiness and irritability. You may also lift fever, because the toxins begin to debug into the bloodstream. Then you’ll feel wonderful.

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