Light coconut cream for Dukan diet

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18119175-Light coconut cream A dessert served from attack phase

The attack phase of the Dukan diet is complicated, but it is no more desserts like this that you will propose. It is a simple light coconut cream, which is great to eat at any time of day.

The Dukan diet is one of the most sought after in recent years and that is not any news. There are thousands of men and women who want to lose weight with this diet and increasingly also the recipes they have when choosing how to eat during the respective phases.

If you’re just starting out, you go in the attack phase and you fancy a sweet that is tasty, easy to prepare and, above all, suitable, you should not miss trying this recipe. It is a light coconut cream, which is made in minutes and do not involve any complications. Simply follow the proposed steps.

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50 grams of white cheese spread 0%
Two egg whites
Coconut flavoring flavor
A few drops of vanilla essence
A teaspoon of pure unsweetened cocoa
Sweetener allowed to taste

Place in a bowl 0% white cheese and add there the same amount of sweetness you want and also the coconut flavor, which is what will give the touch to this recipe. Complete with a little vanilla essence, that it will not be all bad. Mix until ingredients are blended. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites until snow, good solid point.

Now, with gentle, loving and outflanking, mix the egg whites with the cheese mixture and coconut. Once the preparation is attached, to the refrigerator until mixture is very cold and has regained strength. That is, you have to be a kind of foam. There, you can sprinkle with a little bitter cocoa and you will be ready to serve this delicious dessert fit for the Dukan diet. Do not hesitate to try it, it’s easy and tasty.

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