Light menu for new year

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40858098-filetes-de-pechuga-de-pollo-sin-procesar-en-el-fondo-de-maderaWith starter, main course and dessert

New year is coming and the subsequent parties that are celebrated with family, with friends or with your nearest affections. Obviously, everyone wants to eat well, but some are going away and then end up regretting it. If you have a diet in full development and are afraid to cut it, you can use this light menu for the end of the year, where even diners who are not on a diet will have the possibility to eat something delicious without needing to feel guilty the next day.

This could be a good low calorie New Year menu:

Starter: Opt for a salad well complete as is the tabbule. This typical preparation of Arab food is usually liked by everyone, as it mixes cus cus or wheat, tomato, parsley, lemon juice and other optional extras like olives, cucumber, basil or peppermint. It’s a delight.

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Main Dish: Do not hesitate to try this light chicken casserole. It is perfect for several reasons, especially for those of the northern hemisphere, since it is a typically winter dish. It is cooked with beer (alcohol evaporates) and various vegetables. For those who are not on a diet, you can add some fries in cubes to complete. It does not fail at the table.
Dessert: If you are looking for unanimity, the ice cream can not be missing at the table. Serve a light vanilla ice cream ball and accompany with fruit salad. Those who are not dieting may well add a chocolate brownie.

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