Light steamed artichokes

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14215764-artichokesA low calorie recipe perfect for spring

If you want to lose weight, artichokes can always become a good element to consider for the diet. You can eat them steamed, with a healthy touch of garlic, herbs and olive oil.

Artichokes are great for weight loss because it stimulates hepatic metabolism, are purgative and is also a clear example of how to make a vegetable station. During the spring, no doubt, is the best. They are pompous, perfect, either thick and super tender. Without any doubt, it is the exact match for them now.

A good recipe, very simple, healthy and perfect for diet to lose weight, is to prepare steamed artichokes. A touch of herbs, garlic, lemon juice, a little olive oil on the end, salt, pepper and steam doing their own thing so they are ready. Did you happen something better?


Four large artichokes
Four cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons garlic powder
fresh herbs
Juice of half a lemon
Water or broth for cooking
A stream of olive oil
Salt and pepper

Thoroughly clean the artichokes, removing leaves that are very hard and stems. If you’ve got big hearts artichokes well, then you can opt directly for use directly to them. Cut artichokes in half and place them in a steamer, preferably bamboo. Alongside them, place half of the chopped garlic and some fresh herbs that will give much flavor: parsley, sage, rosemary, etc. Do not forget to rub them with a little lemon juice, which gives them good flavor and prevents darkening.

Place in the boiling steam engine you have available, with water or vegetable broth. When they are very tender, steamed artichokes are ready to be eaten. You just have to season them with salt and pepper, a little garlic, a little more herbs and a drizzle of olive oil. So, you have a meal at your table light, either Mediterranean, suitable for weight loss, good for your liver and who knows how many other good more. Do not forget to try this healthy variant.

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