Light vegetables to choose from in winter

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40217421-plato-con-verduras-sobre-un-fondo-blanco-comida-vegetarianaHow to take advantage of vegetables in the cold

That spending the winter does not mean gaining weight. Even with cold you can carry out a diet, and take advantage of the properties of certain light foods like vegetables and vegetables. For this you need to know which vegetables to choose in winter and how to take advantage of all its benefits. You will find these answers in this note. Do not miss it!

Vegetables and vegetables are allied foods that you can have on hand to lose weight, at any time of the year. These provide vitamins, minerals and other organic substances such as dietary fiber, which help your body lose fat and weight.

Notwithstanding all its virtues, you need to know what vegetables and light vegetables you can choose in winter, and how to profit from them in the cold.

Chard: This vegetable contains only 28 calories / 100 gr, and you can get it between the months of November and March. The best way to take advantage of your weight loss potential is by steaming.

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Eggplant: The properties of eggplant for slimming are well known. This vegetable contains 24 calories / 100 gr. And other nutrients that make it a vegetable that should not miss a diet to lose weight. This vegetable can get it from August to December. In addition to preparing different recipes, one of the most popular ways to use your slimming potential is to prepare the eggplant water.
Spinach: These just like the chard have organic components that help you lose weight. 100 gr. Spinach contains 22 calories. Spinach unlike chard can be consumed raw, and is the best way to take advantage of all its properties. Spinach can be found between September and June.
Celery: celery is one of the great allies of the diets for slimming, 100 gr. Of this vegetable only 17 calories. You can take advantage of all its virtues by consuming it raw, steamed or in soups. You can find celery from December to July.
Endives: these vegetables provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and only 17 calories / 100 gr. Endives can be eaten in salads, soups or stuffed in the oven. Endives can be found between September and July.
Betarraga or Beetroot: Beetroot is very rich in vitamins, minerals that act as natural antioxidants, and that you can take advantage of when making a diet to lose weight. This vegetable contributes 43 calories / 100 gr. You can consume it both raw and steamed. You can get the beet all year round.
These are some vegetables and vegetables that you can find during the winter season, but there are other vegetables such as: chicory, artichoke, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fennel or carrot.

Add more vegetables and vegetables to your diet, even during the cold months. You will see that they will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

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