Lose kilos and lose fat is the same?

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12008831-weigt-lossIs there a relationship between weight loss and fat reduction?

If you’re dieting it is important can answer certain questions, such as whether to lose kilos and lose fat is the same and the correlation between weight loss and reduction of fatty tissue. Knowing this information will help you lose weight effectively and without rebound effect.

When you’re on a diet you only matters what records the balance, but in reality not always what it records is fat loss. Therefore, it is important to be clear whether losing weight and losing fat is the same; and if there is a relationship between weight loss and reduction of fatty tissue.

It is possible to lose weight in different ways, you can lose weight by removing liquids or can lose kilos by burning fat.

The difference is that weight loss by removing liquid can again recover very easily; instead kilos loss by combustion of fat is more difficult to recover.

When you lose weight by removing liquids, such as the case of fluid retention, the “thinning process” is faster. This occurs for example when you do a diuretic diet or a detox diet. In general, at the beginning of the diet low weight faster as more liquid is lost.

After that, the weight reduction is slower. This is due to mobilize fat from adipose tissue has a higher energy cost. For a diet to be effective it is important to lose fat; thus the recovery thereof is difficult.

If you are not on a low calorie diet and physical activity not practical, you can lose weight at the expense of removing liquids, but it is very easy to recover.

However if you want kilos loss is permanent, it is necessary to consume a diet low in calories with the practice of daily physical activity. But you lose fat, the rebound effect will be greater and faster.

Another important fact is that you consider that excessive fluid loss, can bring health consequences such as dehydration, dizziness and physical fatigue. However if you lose fat with a balanced diet, adverse effects of diets decrease.

Answering these concerns is significant because it realizes the importance of losing weight in a slow and gradual, to avoid the rebound effect and reduce the likelihood of getting fat.

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