Loses 3 kilos in one week diet of carrot

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22020462-manojo-de-zanahorias-frescas-sobre-fondo-de-madera-de-la-vendimiaThe carrot, a food with negative calories

Carrot diet is a quick, cleansing, designed with this vegetable diet negative calorie epicenter and you can get to help you lose up to 3 kilos in a week. If you have more interest in knowing it, you just have to read the article to know it thoroughly.

Carrot diet is a fast diet, for almost for purifying, detoxifying. His name says it all, because you have to eat carrots to rage during the week-long diet. So if you’re a fan favorite vegetable from the rabbits, because you will not have to pay more attention to all the fundamentals. If you like, you just start it will implement it. Perhaps the fast diet you were looking for.

What are the properties of the carrot diet?

It is a food low in calories (about 25 per 100 grams)
It is rich in fiber, vitamins, carotenes
It is a negative calorie food; that is, the body uses more calories to burn what won
Overall, it is one of the most valuable vegetables that exist in every respect. And you’re never more in fast food plan for its purifying and detoxifying effect.

Principle or objective of this diet

Just eat carrots in each of the meals you do and also between them. The peculiarity is that it must be raw or steamed to preserve their properties.

You should consume about six carrots per day. The idea is to alternating throughout the day. You can include one in a smoothie in the morning, eat into sticks by the afternoon, two grated in salads and also two steamed dinner accompanying a chicken breast.

Foods allowed and forbidden foods

One of the meals should be strong with amino acids, the remaining carbohydrate.

We welcome the following foods:

Green leafy vegetables,
lean meat (red and white)
rice and pasta (preferably whole)
fat dairy,
infusions of all kinds, which can be an important support for depurarte quickly.
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Prohibited foods

The diet has some dissociated, in a way, because when your food is based on a portion of protein, you should not accompany it with carbohydrates.

You should avoid fats, sugars and any high-calorie food. Remember it is a quick and low-calorie diet to lose a few kilos perfect in no time.

Example menu

Breakfast: One cup of green tea. A shake a carrot, a beet, the juice of two oranges and an apple.
Midmorning: A carrot sticks with a spoonful of white cheese 0%
Lunch: 70 grams, boiled then raw wheat pasta. It is accompanied with two steamed carrots and sliced ​​vegetables of your choice, plus a drizzle of olive oil. A fruit for dessert.
Snack: A carrot sticks. Toasted bread with a tablespoon of white cheese 0%. A cup of red tea.
Dinner: A fillet of 150 grams of grilled salmon, seasoned with herbs and lemon juice. A salad made with tomato, lettuce, onion and two grated carrots. A fruit for dessert.
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Does it give good results?

You can lose up to three kilos in a week doing the diet of carrot. Of course, it must be done strictly respecting each step.

This is a quick diet, primarily intended to burn fat and cleanse the body by the amount of fiber consumed, the diuretic action of vegetables, negative calorie carrot and the balance between carbohydrates and proteins.


You can get by, but should be further supported by a sustainable regime with exercise and healthy eating.

How you could qualify this diet?

Basically, it’s a quick diet, which may not last more than seven days because it is quite low in calories. By not eating too much fat or anything harmful, it is fairly healthy and cleansing. The carrot will effect, but probably not want to know anything else with it for a while after finishing the diet, because you have to eat six a day. :)


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