Low carb diet: is effective for weight loss healthy?

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A very restricted diet, if done well is successful

Lose weight

Hello I want to know if it is possible to make a diet of proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, without adding sugar or carbohydrates and thus lose weight without affecting health
Posted by Ana Lucia King

Hello Lucia: The best way to lose weight is to lose weight with a balanced diet of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), that way you make sure you lose weight without losing strength, and with all the support of enough vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and vital.

38737462-tableta-con-la-dieta-baja-en-carbohidratos-y-carnes-frescasTo achieve this, a good alternative is the Mediterranean diet, which is based on a high percentage of fiber intake from vegetables, fruits and whole grains, combined with a good amount of protein from fish, supplemented with chicken without skin and lean meats.

It is essential that accompany this diet with physical activity, to increase your aerobic capacity and improve the tone of your muscles. This way you can lose weight safely and healthily.

It is also very important that you realices regular checks with your doctor.

Can you lose weight on a low carb diet?

Low carb diet

Hi I’m desperate to lose weight. I am 25 years old, I measure 5’3 and weight 250 pounds, I want to do is a good low-carb diet, I’ve heard that when carbs are restricted virtually fat is reduced. Well my question is:

Breakfast; 2 fried eggs with two slices of bacon and water 0 2 boiled eggs mixed with lots of mayonnaise.
Afternoon snack; one slice of ham sandwich or carbohydrates.
Lunch: a salad of lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise and tuna with much water.
Afternoon snack; one slice of ham sandwich 0 carbs.
Dinner; boiled chicken breast in water with lettuce, tomato, and a lot of May.
Large amounts of water and exercise daily.
This model of a day that I do myself, can make you lose weight, mainly body fat or should I make any changes ??? Thanks, I really need your help, I’m willing to do whatever it takes!

Bello sent by Francis Jazeera
Hello Francis: if the idea is to make a ketogenic diet or protein diet is important to remember that this should be rich in protein and fat of good quality, especially in terms of fat. You should choose foods that contain unsaturated fats, omega 3 and omega 6 and prevent or reduce foods that contain saturated or trans fats.

To be effective, follow these tips:

Replace mayonnaise for a dietary cheese, either firm or spreadable paste.
Avoid fried preparations, it is preferable to prepare the eggs boiled or poached, ie must follow the same procedure if you prepare by fried, but in boiling water.

In addition to ham, you can eat meat defatted beef. Avoid eating ham sandwich because the bread has refined carbohydrates, it is preferable to eat a fruit or vegetable instead of bread or crackers.
You can incorporate fat yogurt, which will help in moments of anxiety and is considered a protein food.
Consume dietary gelatin, as it has no carbohydrates and is also considered a food rich in proteins, besides being tasty, refreshing and filling.
Remember to consume 6 meals in small portions:

four main meals,
two snacks.
In this way you reduce hunger and anxiety.

Otherwise it is fine you make physical activity daily. You do not need to follow a specific daily routine, you can take to lose weight by cleaning your house. In this video you can see how.

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