Many Calories provides mayonnaise

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16153153-provides-mayonnaiseDressing with high caloric density

One of the most traditional and popular sauce is mayonnaise. So if you’re dieting might like to know how many calories contributes to your meals, and because it is a dressing with high caloric density.

Surely it is tempting to spice up a sandwich, a burger or salad with mayonnaise. But do you know how many extra calories amounts to your meals? If you’re dieting it is important to know this information, since becoming aware of how many calories brings, you can change this habit and replace traditional light mayonnaise mayonnaise homemade mayonnaise or low calorie.

How many calories brings mayonnaise?

1 tablespoon mayonnaise (12g) provides 48 calories.

While at first glance does not seem to provide a lot of calories, it is a dressing with high caloric density. The caloric density is the number of calories per gram of food. This figure is obtained by dividing the amount of calories, how many grams. If the result is positive (+1), it is a food of high caloric density. If the result is negative (-1) It is a low calorie food and ideal for diet density.

In addition to the calories that the regular mayonnaise is important that you consider that brings cholesterol (3.2 mg / tbsp), saturated fat (0.6 g / tablespoon) and sodium (104 mg / tablespoon).

If you often use mayonnaise on a regular basis and are overweight, a good measure would replace this dressing by others that provide fewer calories and fat. You can even prepare low calorie mayonnaise yourself at home.

How many calories brings light mayonnaise?

The commercial light mayonnaise provides about 30 calories / tablespoon. On the other hand, it provides saturated 0.3 g / cholesterol and 2.4 tablespoon / teaspoon.

If you compare these data, there is no big difference between the two light mayonnaise and even mayonnaise dressing remains a high caloric density; but it brings a little less calories and fat to your meals.

This data is not to never consume mayonnaise, but that you are aware of what it provides, since it tends to minimize the caloric value of the seasonings in general.

Remember that sometimes some dietary changes may impact favorably on your weight and your health.

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