Mayonnaise for Dukan diet

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21156647-taz-n-de-mayonesa-aderezo-para-ensaladasThe dukanesa, fit from attack phase

The attack phase of the Dukan diet puts you facing many bans. But it is also true that wit can do everything. Do you feel like trying a rich mayonnaise that is totally fit for the Dukan diet? Then you just have to follow the steps and elaborate this dukanesa, with white cheese 0%, mustard and something else. Thus, you will have on hand a sauce suitable to accompany your dishes.


150 grams of white cheese 0%
A cooked egg yolk
A spoonful of mustard
Salt and pepper

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Put the white cheese in a bowl and add the previously cooked egg yolk. Add the mustard spoon and also season with salt and pepper. Mix well the preparation until the ingredients are completely united with each other. If it gets too thick, add some water.

As simple as that is to have this mayonnaise Dukan or Dukanesa ready. So, you have a good alternative ahead to accompany your dishes, so that they are not so dull and you can feel other flavors. Further. Is suitable from the attack phase onwards, which is why you can accompany you throughout the regime.

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