Milk bread Dukan diet

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14512667-glass of milkA simple and inexpensive, suitable recipe from attack phase

The Dukan diet, especially in its attack phase, has many limitations with the issue of pastries. But you can also give your taste, as this tasty and simple milk bread.

It is known that food-related pastries and baked goods are completely forbidden element within the Dukan diet. This regime so fashionable, emphasizes aside carbohydrates, including certain plants, to focus mostly on proteins. For this reason, it will issue you can imagine without touching a leaf here at the end of it.

Anyway, do not lose hope. There are always more than attractive alternatives and valid to give you a little taste with elements which are allowed in the Dukan diet. This proposed option is a pan of milk, which can be eaten both salty and sweet. You just have to try the recipe.


Six tablespoons tablespoons milk powder 0%
A flush tablespoon baking powder (baking powder)
Salt or to taste sweetener permitted (as you want sweet or savory)

Casca the egg in a bowl and add the baking powder. Mix well the preparation until ingredients are blended together, without beating, just to make clear, egg and baking powder amalgamate. Subsequently, it incorporates 0% milk powder, mixing well until you have left a mass of either homogeneous creamy consistency. Obviously, if you want sweet, incorporates a sweetener suitable for cooking that has no calories. If you want salty, a little salt and some spices, which would not be bad.

Now, to bring the preparation to a baking dish and cook for about 10 minutes at about medium heat (about 160 °). Once it is cooked and golden, you have no more than remove it from the oven and enjoy a loaf of delicious milk, which can be prepared in both salt version and sweet and is suitable for the Dukan diet since neither more nor less than the attack phase.

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