Milkshake coconut and papaya for Dukan diet

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The Fat Decimator System

12210027-papayaChurning sweet and low in calories for the stabilization phase

If you are doing the Dukan diet, you can not miss a milk shake coconut and papaya, which can accompany the traditional Dukan menu stabilization phase. If you want a sweet, low-calorie smoothie, do not miss this recipe.

If you are in the stabilization phase of the Dukan diet, not just because they make the corresponding menu for this stage; You can also include a smoothie sweet and low in calories, such as coconut milk shake and papaya.

Recipe coconut milk and papaya for Dukan diet

2 cups coconut milk.
2 cups ripe papaya pulp.
4 teaspoons lemon juice.

Remove the skin and separates the mature papaya pulp.
Put it in a cup.
On the other hand, pour the coconut milk and lemon juice in a blender.
Add the papaya pulp and processes. Once you have achieved a smooth and homogeneous mixture stored in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
After that, stir well and drink.
If you want you can add a few mint leaves.
This drink is very easy to prepare, you only need a few minutes, and you can drink it in the stabilization phase.

The Fat Decimator System

Drinks are very important in the diets because they provide satiety and provide different nutrients that will also help to mobilize fat burn and remove easily from the body.

Both papaya, such as lemon or coconut milk provide essential nutrients that help you lose weight. So if you’re doing the Dukan diet or any other low-calorie diet, take this recipe, and enjoy a smoothie low calorie, high fiber increases metabolism.

In addition to this smoothie, you can have on hand other recipes, such as shake with ice cream to lose weight and blueberry smoothie to remove fluid, among others.

These natural drinks are ideal for losing weight at all times, but in summer are special because they help you lose weight, but also are refreshing and fat burning properties.

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