Millet burgers light

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9530324-milletA recipe with many nutrients, good for slimming

No doubt, millet is a cereal that those who want to lose weight can be taken into account. A great recipe for it are these burgers with millet.

Millet is a fabulous cereal, considered the level of super foods such as quinoa and amaranth. It is that it has the power to bring a lot of nutrients without that for this reason your diet affected. A great way to eat is making homemade burgers with him. They are very light, they incorporate more vegetables and can be accompanied with great ease. Simply follow the steps proposed in the article and get on your table within a while.


Two cups of precooked millet vegetable broth
An egg white
A small onion, grated
A garlic clove
A carrot
A drizzle of olive oil
A few breadcrumbs
pepper and chopped parsley salt,

Place the millet, which must be previously cooked in vegetable stock (to take better taste) in a container. There adds grated onion, finely chopped garlic and a raw carrot shredded as finely as possible. Season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley, add a drizzle of olive oil and egg white. Mix well, incorporates a few breadcrumbs, amalgam again until some sort of dough balls and then beam is formed. The crush and you get ready to cook the burgers.

Now, you have no more to heat the griddle, skillet or oven. Cooking from both sides until golden brown and cooked. So, you have a recipe that will offer many nutrients, which has protein, is energetic, has fiber and flavor. It goes without say, is completely light. To accompany, nothing better than a good salad, which should not miss greens, a little tomato, onion and even some legumes such as lentils could go wonders. It is very easy to eat healthy and wealthy. Just come alive.

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