Mushroom pate for Dukan diet

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60030235-fresh-mushrooms-on-wooden-cutboard-on-wooden-table-top-view-flat-layA suitable recipe with mushrooms from cruise phase

Do not let squandering the chance to give you mushrooms from the cruise phase of the Dukan diet. You can prepare a delicious pâté, as proposed in this recipe.

Mushrooms are one of the permitted Dukan diet foods, from the cruise phase. They are an excellent choice as they provide almost no calories, no fat and have a lot of flavor. For this reason, you just have to use them without guilt to enjoy at any time.

The recipes can be prepared with them are really many. But, for example, you can use an interesting mushroom pate, which will be combined with turkey breast, spices and a touch of cheese. Perfect dish to accompany a loaf dukan or just


Two slices of lean turkey breast well
300 grams of mushrooms
One tablespoon of spreadable cheese 0%
Three or four tablespoons milk 0%
vegetable spray
A stream of soy sauce
pepper, fresh herbs, garlic powder, salt, and

finely Cut the turkey breast and tools well mushrooms (clean) into slices. Place both ingredients in a skillet over medium / high heat sprayed with vegetable spray. Then, you just have to let cook about five minutes or so and deglaze with a dash of soy sauce. There incorporates herbs for seasoning, garlic powder, cheese, milk and a little pepper. Let it reduce a little and some kind of sauce is formed and takes all the contents to a blender cup.

Then, process the mushrooms until the mushrooms pate usual forms for the Dukan diet. Now, add a little salt and rectifies seasoning as you see fit. If you are vegetarian, for example, you simply have to remove the turkey breast. If you’re not doing the Dukan diet and this recipe did you think equally interesting, be sure to try it, you’ll find it wonderful.

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