Mushrooms properties for weight loss

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44121561-rosa-seta-de-ostra-en-un-fondo-de-maderaOyster mushrooms, mushrooms, portobello mushrooms and dry in the diet to lose weight

Eating mushrooms can be very beneficial in any diet. It is that they are rich in nutrients and have virtually no calories or fat. You can see here some varieties, how to prepare them and learn more about its benefits for weight loss.

Mushrooms are a food that in many parts of the world receive recognition, but in others, not so much. Is that depends on variety, they tend to be somewhat expensive. But there is always a certain type that is most common in this or that geography. And all, at least the best known, wonders can go on a diet to lose weight.

Is that mushrooms are fleshy, provide fiber, vitamins, are satiating, have a unique and irreplaceable flavor, do not add fat, very low in calories and can be prepared in many different ways. Do you intend something else? Be sure to know the properties of mushrooms and enjoy them in your diet menu.

These are some of the mushrooms you can choose to lose weight:

 Gírgolas: They have a texture and even taste very similar to some sort of meat. They are really delicious and, in general, have the same nutritional value than any other mushroom. No fat and only 20 calories per 100 grams of fresh, about product. They are flat and perfect for cooking on the grill.
Mushrooms and Portobellos: They are perhaps stereotypical mushrooms when cooking. With the classic shape of a hat, they are perfect for slicing and sauteing. To make sauces and incorporate into soups. Up to eat them raw in salads. Rich in fibers, vitamins B and, like others of its kind, with virtually no Calories. To keep track of them.
Dried mushrooms: They are perfect for use at any time, but especially to add to sauces, rice and other preparations where they can cook without problems. Must first rehydrate to use.
How to prepare them: If you want to eat them still fleshy and with a short cooking a few minutes over high heat in a skillet, salt, since they lose the liquid immediately. If you want to use in a sauce or want to bring their flavor, they can withstand longer cooking times without any problems. The you can eat in a delicious light mushroom salad, a Provencal mushrooms and chicken with mushroom sauce.

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