No dessert, post menopause diet is more effective

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26611766-menopauseRemove the dessert help you lose weight faster, after 40

While balanced diets allow consumption of light desserts, yet through menopause, there are studies that determine that help eliminate dessert be more effective post menopause diet and lose weight faster, after 40.

According to a study conducted at the University of Pittsburg, those menopausal women who eliminated dessert periods between 6 months to 4 years, not only they managed to lose weight faster, but it was useful to keep the weight off long term.

According to this research, a group of 500 women in menopause made a diet for six months. In this diet dessert he was removed, along with other foods such as fried foods and sugary drinks. The importance of this study is that the new addition of a habit as eliminating dessert, allowed a long time not only lose weight but to maintain a healthy weight.

It is interesting to clarify that the doctor who conducted the study, Bethany Barone Gibbs, noted the importance of incorporating this habit within a balanced and complete diet that includes foods from all groups.

Women who are in menopause are reduced their energy levels, which makes it harder to lose weight and regain your ideal weight or normal weight. Therefore, at this stage it is important to consider the incorporation of new eating habits and life, to compensate for a lower fat metabolism.

To do this, the diet must change, increasing the incorporation of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as whole foods, seeds and nuts. Moreover, you should reduce simple sugars (contained in desserts).

While at the beginning they can not see the positive effects of these new eating habits, over time they begin to see, not only in reducing weight, but at a lower risk of metabolic and degenerative diseases.

Each stage of life has a special power, and menopause does not escape this suggestion. So if you’re going through this stage, do not despair, slowly change your eating habits, eliminate desserts from your diet and you’ll gradually see the positive results.

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