Orange water and ginger to detoxify your diet

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33346180-lim-n-fresco-y-naranja-aislados-en-blancoA citrus and refreshing combination to detoxify your body

Are you interested to try a rich orange and ginger water to drink every day? It is prepared in a matter of minutes you’ll come wonders for a little detox diet. Just gather ingredients and try for once.

A favorite recipes that I have at home, so when I want to drink very fresh, light and with good detoxifying and digestive properties this water is orange and ginger that will teach you to do next.

Combining simple and basic: water, much ice, orange juice, ginger and, of course, good mint leaves. The end result is a super drinkable beverage, light from all points of view (no leads or sugar) and great to turn your body slightly. And it is good for any time of day. Are you going to lose the recipe?


Half a liter of water (as pure as possible)
A generous slice of ginger (a tablespoon or so)
A good branch of fresh mint leaves
Two oranges
permitted sweetener (if you so wish, I would not put anything)

Squeeze the juice of two oranges and place them inside the bowl of a mixer or in a jar, where then will use hand mixer.
Add the finely chopped ginger and mint leaves.
Process until other elements are shredded.
It served in a mug, complete with water, sweetened (if you want) and poured into a glass with ice. So, you already have this delicious lemonade ready for drinking.
As you can see in the picture, will be a sparkling, refreshing glass that invites drinking relentlessly.

This drink will not provide significant amounts of calories, only orange, since the other elements, such amounts do not represent a significant burden. No sugar is extremely digestive and detoxifying (ginger and mint are great for this), helps clean your organsimo and making full of good nutrients.

Of course, you can choose to change the orange juice grapefruit, lemon or also by making a mixture of them all.

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