Pasta homemade garlic and light

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45134407-garlicA recipe with garlic perfect weight loss

Garlic, no doubt, is one of the quintessential medicinal plants in the world. Inside each tooth, there are so many properties that would be virtually impossible to address them all. Moreover, as most vegetables have very few calories and good properties for weight loss. Therefore, to use it without fear or guilt will always be a good ally in your diet. You can try it in this light garlic pasta.

Many people resent the strong flavor that usually garlic. And it is understandable. I, for one, have no problem eating raw garlic. But many think something aggressive. For them, precisely, this recipe is perfect as garlic is soft, creamy and can prepare a delicious pasta from it. Go scoring ingredients and preheating the oven to prepare this delicious roasted garlic.

Pasta recipe low calorie garlic


A head of garlic
Thyme or you fancy some grass
A teaspoon of olive oil
sea ​​salt or Himalayan and freshly ground pepper

Come on, that has absolutely no mystery do a little roasted garlic. Just be preheated oven over medium heat, you do not need to be cooked very strong, but rather the opposite. Wrap the head of garlic in aluminum foil previously sprayed with vegetable spray. If you want, you can put some salt and some grass there for flavoring. Then straight to the oven and cook until garlic cloves are very tender. It will take half an hour, soft or medium heat.

Press the head of garlic, which will have placed whole, with its skin, and see how they start to sprout teeth made a full and delicious puree. Pela and recovers all content, condimentándolo with olive oil, salt, pepper and your grass header. So, you have a homemade garlic paste, completely light, which serves you to accompany what you think of. Even for use in a salad dressing or put a spoon to a bowl of brown rice.

Why garlic helps you lose weight?

Garlic is very good not only for weight loss, but for the entire health overall. First, it is a powerful blood cleanser and general body. It is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic has great capabilities. But now I’ll tell you what really interests you: why it is good for losing weight.

Eating garlic may not be decisive for adelgaces, but it will help with their antioxidant properties, with its fat burning properties and its ability to increase metabolism. Therefore, be sure to include it in your diet.

Nutritional information garlic paste

For each head of roasted garlic and a teaspoon of olive oil, you do not get to incorporate even 200 calories. It goes without say, being an element that is available to anyone, it is a great option for any day.

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