Pear Calories

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9367509-pearsNutrients that help you lose weight

One of the food groups that should be present in the diet to lose weight are fruits, and within these pear is not only a very popular fruit; but it has many properties that help you lose weight. It is therefore interesting to know how many calories and nutrients is provided.

If you need to lose weight, you will have to select foods that act in your body helping to reduce fat and weight. Among the foods allowed on a diet to Peder kilos and body fat are fruits. While there are a variety of fruits with slimming properties, pear provides nutrients and calories that can be of great use to achieve this goal.

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How many calories are pear?

On average pear contributes between 84 to 131 calories. The difference of this caloric intake is related to the size of the fruit.

100 gr. pear provides 57 calories.
A small pear (148 gr.) Provides 84 calories.
A medium pear (178 gr.) Provides 101 calories.
A large pear (230 gr.) Provides 131 calories.
1 cup 140 gr. pear slices provides 80 calories.
This data can serve you not only to know how many calories you bring to your diet, but also the size of the portions you can consume, considering the calories in your diet.

When you diet is not only important to the caloric value of the food but also the nutrients they provide. In the case of pear, it provides nutrients and organic substances that help you lose weight.

Pear Nutrition Facts

One of the most important nutrients that provide fruit is water. In the case of pear, this gives you 84 gr. water / 100 g. This fact is very important because the more water containing fruit, will provide more satiety.
Moreover, fiber also complements this property because it also provides satiety (100 gr. Of pear provides 3.1 gr. Of fiber).
We must also not forget that the pear is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium that increase diuresis and help you naturally treat fluid retention.
As for antioxidants that contributes pear and help you improve the burning of fat, you can find zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and other natural substances.
Pear, thanks to its nutrients and low calories it provides, is a fruit that can not miss in your diet. Not just eat dessert, it is an ideal snack when you are hungry.

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