Pepper Veal for Dukan Diet

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The parties are coming and those people who are doing the Dukan diet are stuck with some gastronomic drawbacks ahead. But this can always be solved with a bit of wisdom and imagination. Would you like to eat rich steaks or beef scalopins with a delicious and mild pepper sauce? Then you just have to follow the recipe.


Two thin, fat-free veal fillets
Two tablespoons white cheese 0%
A stream of water or skim milk 0%
Salt, various peppers and herbs

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Rebosa, so to speak, the steaks of veal with some chopped herbs that you have chosen. This will give a very noticeable taste to the preparation. Place the steaks on the grill or in a hot pan until golden brown on both sides.

Now, to finish the recipe, you only have to incorporate the white cheese spreadable 0%, the jet of milk and a good endowment of pepper. You can try with those packages that combine black, white, green and Jamaica pepper, for example, to have multiplicity of flavors. Once the meat is completely ready and a nice sauce has formed, you will not have to serve and enjoy this recipe.

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