Pizza meat Dukan

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48079875-lifted-vegetarian-pizza-slice-with-a-topping-of-cheese-mushroom-tomatoesSuitable from cruise phase

Eating pizza in the Dukan diet is completely possible. You just have to try this recipe for meat pizza, which is completely suitable for the cruise phase.

Undoubtedly, the baked goods and anything with mass, in general, should be the foods that are surprised during the Dukan diet. These, unlike vegetables, they are not even covered by the scheme. Therefore, we must draw on imagination to eat something similar to them.

A good example of clever and apt recipe for diet Dukan (from the cruise phase) is this pizza ground beef with cheese, perfect to satisfy hunger, comply with the scheme rules and eat something tasty, which is close enough a pizza. Simply follow the explanations that arise in the recipe and put it into practice.


For the mass:

One tablespoon of wheat bran
One tablespoon of oat bran
A teaspoon of baking powder
A plain yogurt 0%
For the filling:

100 grams of ground chicken, turkey or beef (very lean)
Half an onion
Five tablespoons tomato sauce
Some slices of white cheese 0%
pepper, cumin and chopped parsley salt, paprika

For the dough, you just have to mix all the ingredients listed and place them in a microwave silicone mold. Cooking from both sides for two and a half minutes at full power, approximately. That’s the whole mystery when preparing the dough, something like a bread Dukan.

Meanwhile, in a pan placed well chopped onion and meat subsequently added. When the latter is cooked, add the crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and parsley. You must let some kind of sauce, which then will place above the pizza dough is prepared.

Now, if you want, covered with cheese and takes a few minutes in the oven to brown and melted. So, you have a simple meat pizza Dukan, fully fit from the cruise phase of the diet.

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