Postpartum detox diet

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12008831-weigt-lossHow to lose 3 kilos in a week

The depurative diets are great for after these festive periods, where it is quite complicated to keep the line. If this is being your case, you can well put into practice this simple detox diet, perfect for eliminating all kinds of impurities from the body.

It consists of a food plan that goes from less to more: begins with a complete cleaning, with only liquids as allowed the first few days. Little by little, other alternatives are being incorporated. The point is that you will have a week of detoxification where you can easily lose two or three kilos you have won during the holidays.

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This is the postpartum detox diet:

Days 1 and 2: Liquids only. A citrus milkshake at breakfast, herbal teas and herbal teas, a glass of vegetable juice mid-morning. A homemade vegetable soup at noon, plus fruit smoothies in the afternoon. And again a vegetable soup at night. The broth should be completely homemade, with carrot, squash, leek, celery and zucchini, for example. Everything, but everything, must be processed. On the second day you can add some teaspoon of oil. Calculate that you will report about 800 calories per day, approximately.
Day 3: In this step, the milkshakes are kept for breakfast and afternoon. Just like the soup. You can rotate vegetables, adding a little bit of lean cheese and yogurt, and you will not have to process foods so strongly, for example, soups can have chunks without problems. It is no longer necessary for the stomach to receive everything so pre-digested.
Days 4 and 5: Now you can incorporate some dried fruit, some piece of fish or steamed chicken, same as a tablespoon of seeds in the. A little protein in legume format will not do you any harm. But it maintains a low calorie diet, with lots of smoothies, soup and infusions.
Days 6 and 7: The balance of the diet is maintained, although you can add a small potato to the broth and a little cereal to your breakfast or a yogurt in the afternoon. Once you have completed this period, you have probably managed to detoxify your body in a great way and it would not be at all strange that you have lost two, three and maybe even more kilos.

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