Preparing raw pasta without carbohydrates

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Zucchini, cucumbers and crisp and healthy carrots

Do you miss the pasta in your diet? It is logical, it is something good, but you have to be very restricted by its excess carbohydrates. Fear not, there is a good way to replace it. Discover it in this note!

Who does not like to eat a plate of pasta? Surely almost everyone. While they may be taken in moderation and from time to time, the excess carbohydrates does not make a good element to the diet.

However, there are ways to achieve good alternatives, you can eat every day without problem, they are completely healthy and have no carbohydrates. Do you sums to test these proposals? They are delicious and you will not generate anything wrong with your body, but quite the opposite.

16086917-espaguetis-pasta-verduras-y-especias-aislados-en-blancoHow can you replace the pasta?

The answer is easy: from fleshy vegetables that can be eaten raw. The ideal for this task are zucchini, cucumber and carrot. If you are motivated, perhaps someone else as turnip or pumpkin could supply good effect.

Everything is cut as close to a spaghetti, linguine or one long pasta format you like. You have to use raw vegetables and cut the strips you can use a very sharp knife, a mandolin a potato peeler, let alone if you have one of those devices that are used to cut decorations vegetables, as will be doubly simple mission .

Once you have the lists, you can eat well, adding some seasoning or sauce. But you’d better let marinate paste a couple of hours earlier in lemon juice and some seasoning. The vegetables will be more tender and tasty. It’s a recipe used in the raw vegan diet.

No carb pasta recipe

The recipe I personally like best is that of zucchini or zucchini. I cut with the help of the mandolin into thin lengthwise and then cut slices thin strips, simulating a spaghetti. Let them marinate in lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and a little soy sauce for a couple of hours.

To accompany them, nothing like preparing a sauce rehydrated dried tomatoes, which are processed with a little garlic into a paste. It serves “pasta” with sauce, black olives and a few good radish sprouts to give a crisp and spicy touch above. They may believe they are delicious. One with cherry tomatoes, basil and cheese seeds, such as photo, will wonders too.

Now you just have to encourage and implement some of these variants! The vegetables are raw, so it’ll absorb all nutrients. The calories and carbohydrates of such dishes are very low. And you can eat all you want until you are satisfied.

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