Properties lima diet

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9228341-limes-frescos-aislados-en-blancoBenefits of weight loss lima

Do you already know the slimming properties of lime? It is a fruit that, in a way, acts much like lemon manner. For this reason, you should put it aside and learn more about their strengths to lose weight.

The lime is a fruit that is usually not as taken into account, but has excellent properties. Perhaps because it is exotic and has a different flavor than lemon. Perhaps elsewhere, at cost. It is true that is a fruit with excellent properties and, although it will not work miracles, can help you lose weight. Whether for whatever reason, never stop missing file in your life.

Lima, a fruit with diuretic properties and antioxidants

Lime, like lemon, is a highly detoxifying fruit, which has many favorable conditions for anyone wanting to lose weight properties. While one will not work miracles, it can help with their diuretic and cleansing qualities, in addition to the large amount of nutrients provided. It is an antioxidant, provides vitamin C and helps it work better digestion and metabolism.
A good way to enjoy these slimming lime, is consuming in every morning and evening to do a better effect. Ideally do fasting and finally, before going to sleep. It’s simple and it will serve to eliminate retained fluids and toxins to cleanse your body.

Easy recipe for lime consumed fasting


a file
A glass of water
Permitted sweetener to taste

Squeeze lime juice, mix with a glass of water and add sweetener to taste allowed. It can be stevia or some other product that usually you employ. So, you are ready to be consumed.
In addition to diuretic, cleansing and detoxifying properties that have the file, you will also receive great doses of vitamin C, antioxidants and many other nutrients. For this reason, fear not to take into account the file when you lose weight and improve your health in general.

Other recipes with lime they can to interest you

Lime water, cucumber and ginger: A splendid, easy to prepare and drink you can drink at any time of day. With thinning, light properties, as it has very beneficial ingredients to cleanse your body.

Shake apple and lime: A delicious and slimming combination of apple, lime, ginger and pineapple. It can be perfect both as a digestive, to help burn fat or to satiety.

Rice with lime and cilantro: This is not a home remedy, but a delicious recipe for Mexican rice clear inspiration. No let try!

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