Properties of soy products

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11242526-sojaDoes it serve to thin the soy meat?

Soy is one of the vegetable proteins most commonly used when it comes to replacing meat. But, the question is: does it serve to add to the diet face to lose weight? The answer is blunt: yes. And this you can see in this analysis of the most common manufactured of this legume that exist in the market. Surely they can be good inclusions in your regime.

Here are the features of some soy products that can help you lose weight:

Soy sausages: They are generally much less caloric and with low – or no – fat content, compared to traditional sausages. Obviously, it all depends on the brand you buy. But, on average, each soy sausage has about 30 calories. In this way, they become a great ally for diet. Three sausages and one salad can give you no more than 300 calories, which is perfect.

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Beef burgers: Beyond you can make them at home, there are some brands that you can buy at the supermarket that will give you about 100 calories per unit, a very good value. They are satiating and many even have a taste quite similar to meat.
Tofu: A great source of protein and calcium, besides being perfectly fit for diet, resulting light too. It contributes about 70 calories per 100 grams of product and is ideal to replace the cheese.

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