Pure vegetables for Dukan diet

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13057329-ensalada-frescaA good alternative to the cruise phase vegetables

The Dukan diet is not exactly easy, especially in its initial phase. But once you’ve reached the cruising stage, some vegetables can be part of it. There, precisely, you have to hand this recipe: Dukan mashed vegetables.

While the Dukan diet has phases that are quite restrictive, in other periods of the regime (especially the attack, or pure protein), food becomes a little more open in the following stages. Such is the case of the cruise phase, where some vegetables begin to be part of the menu and the thing is quite diversified.

After eating both meat and derivatives of that nature, you might want to have your dose of vegetables to enjoy. For this reason, you can implement this recipe, which goes very well also when you touch the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet. It is a somewhat atypical mashed vegetables, since it has no starchy potatoes or any substance. But you must believe that looks great


Two carrots
A tomato
A cup of kale
Two stalks celery
vegetable spray
pepper, garlic powder chopped parsley salt, and

It starts with the basics: clean all vegetables and pícalos into small cubes. Place them in a heavy-bottomed pan to sweat with a little vegetable spray and a touch of salt. When they start slacking, add water, but just enough to cover the vegetables that are inside. Cook for about half an hour over low heat, as to be made slowly and go permeating the flavors.

Once all vegetables are tender, especially the carrot is the most time-consuming, draining the amount of water that is left over, if finally was something. Pass the vegetables through a shredder, blender or simply by using the tool you have at hand. It will be a delicious puree suitable for Dukan diet, from the cruise phase, as stated. Even if you INGENIAS, you may also come to serve as sauces. How are you?

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