Purifying diet after the excesses

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11237520-cold-watherWith sample menu and to combat oxidative stress

The best way to cleanse the body after excesses is using a good cleansing diet, where food to swing properly, hand teas and other items to help you eliminate oxidative stress. Simply follow this proposal Cynthia Rodriguez Caballero.

The first months of summer or holiday season are usually a few months for all excesses and disorder meals. Take a break in the diet is good from the psychological point of view provided that it is carried out with some consistency and not maintained for too long.

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Eating in restaurants, bars or bars represents not only an extra calories, but spiced with higher amounts of oils (in most reused cases and therefore harmful to health because of its high content of toxins) foods are eaten and other fats lower quality as margarines or butter, salt, tablets or concentrated wines. All this increases oxidative stress our cells, fluid retention and the amount of toxins in our body.

With the arrival of the new season, already rested and full of energy, is the time to get to work with healthy eating to detoxify and getting ready to start our work or studies with energy and vitality. We will see a menu cleansing diet for this purpose:

Breakfast: green tea with skim milk + sugar + Whole grains unsweetened grapefruit juice.
Midmorning: A banana (if we take an active life) or orange (if sedentary people).
Food: Artichokes sauteed in Bilbao Hake sauce + + + infusion of Wholemeal bread dandelion and rose hips.
Snack: Natural Tomato slices with garlic powder and 4 slices of deli turkey.
Dinner: cleansing soup (garlic, carrot, turnip, leek, celery, onion, cabbage, tomato, pepper and potato) + Grilled chicken breast salad garnished with endive, escarole and radishes + Infusion Passionflower.
Importantly, we must do without infusions cited in the sample menu in the case of pregnant or breastfeeding. In healthy adults and in normal physiological situation, it is not recommended to take the aforementioned infusions over one or two months followed by its diuretic effect mainly.

With this type of diet able to reduce oxidative stress our cells and thus premature cellular aging by the presence of natural antioxidants, in addition to eliminating toxins through urine, stool and skin drag free radicals of oxygen intestinal level by the large presence of fiber and facilitate sleep with the help of passionflower and a light dinner.

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