Pythagorean diet: more than a diet, a lifestyle

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The balance is in the simplicity

There are many diets that seek to change eating habits and turn them into a lifestyle. One of these plans is the Pythagorean diet food. Pythagoras, the creator of the lifestyle in this diet is based, it considered that the balance is in simplicity.

What the Pythagorean diet is based?

Pythagoras might associate with mathematical theorems, but the truth is that it was much more than a Greek philosopher created a movement that sought to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit. This meant a change in lifestyle.

Pythagoras is considered the first vegetarian who proposed a series of changes in lifestyle. From this he created the Pythagorean diet.

4826559-jard-n-con-ensalada-fresca-de-lechuga-tomate-cebolla-pepino-sobre-fondo-blancoFeatures of the Pythagorean diet

It is essential purify the body. According to Pythagoras, cleansing the body was essential to release the soul. Therefore, among other reasons, it is based on the consumption of plant foods, raw and natural.

 Practice fasting. For Pythagoras, it is important to achieve the best physical and mental performance. Moreover, this practice promotes cleansing and removing toxins.

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 Consider the flavors because they are related to the needs. For example, if you prefer salty foods, it is because you need dopamine (a neurotransmitter which increases the feeling of euphoria). If instead you prefer sweet foods, you need serotonin (neurotransmitter that causes decreased when depression).

 Eliminating the consumption of meat and meat products and replace them with plant foods. For Pythagoras, meats cause an emotional imbalance. While their main reason for diet would eliminate religious belief today fats that provide these foods enhance arterial stiffness is sabeque, lie fatty acids that provide plant foods maintain the elasticity of arteries. Similarly, for certain researchers Pythagoras allowed some animal consumption.

 Eliminating the consumption of beans. For some this prohibition it has a religious origin, while for others it is due to gastric distress that these foods cause.

 Change lifestyle. Pythagoras believed that power was very important and was directly related to lifestyle. For him it was essential meditation, respect for others (including animals), control of the vices, and feel part of the Universe.

Simplicity in food. No need for complex preparations: the more natural the more healthy diet is and can help you lose weight more efficiently. From the consumption of fresh food you can get all the nutrients that your body and mind need to achieve balance.

Besides all these ideas in which the diet is based, Pythagoras was very important for physical activity, because it is essential for a healthy body and increase metabolism.

In conclusion, the Pythagorean diet is the foundation of a vegetarian diet. From it are designed different vegan diets and naturists seeking the same objective: achieving a balance between all dimensions of the human being.

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