Salad vegetable light tartar

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vegetablesCrunchy vegetables with tofu sauce low in calories

Do you dare to try a delicious tartare of raw vegetables with tofu sauce completely light? An ideal choice for those who want a full of benefits for your body and low calorie food combination.

The tartare is a classic preparation that feeds basically salmon, tuna and other animal meat, which is eaten raw and served with a special sauce. But this preparation can safely be practiced with vegetables of all kinds, to form a delicious salad, nutrient rich and varied.

It is a light tartar plant, where they coexist squash, zucchini, mushrooms, peas and more. All accompanied with an exquisite and simple tofu sauce and other ingredients.


A piece of pumpkin
A carrot
100 grams of mushrooms
Half a cup of cooked chickpeas
Media chive
100 grams of tofu
A tablespoon of olive oil
A tablespoon mustard
A tablespoon of lemon juice
A tablespoon balsamic vinegar
pepper and chopped parsley salt,

Choose soft tofu as possible and place it in the glass of a blender with a little olive oil, mustard, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, plus salt and pepper. The preparation process until you have left a kind of cream or mayonnaise, adding a little water if necessary. If you want to spice up with some additional grass, do not be afraid to do so.

Meanwhile, cut zucchini, pumpkin piece, carrots and mushrooms into thin slices as possible. If you have a mandolin hand, because rather than better. Place the vegetables in a bowl and cover with the sauce. Add, now, chopped parsley, chives equally and the cooked chickpeas. Salt to taste if necessary. So, you have a super full to eat at any time, with fresh and crispy vegetable dish. Moreover, if that were not enough, completely light.

Vegetables, when they remain raw, are much richer in properties, better preserving vitamins and other nutrients. Furthermore, if you add low-calorie food, but very protein such as tofu, the equation closes wonders.

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