Sample menus for Metalim diet: Phase 1 and Phase 2

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Daily distribution of food in step 1 of feeding method

In order to implement the Metalim diet to lose weight you need to diagram a daily food distribution, which depends on the phase in which you are. In this article I will present an example of menus for phase or stage 1 Food Multidimensional method.

The Metalim diet is a high protein diet designed to lose weight quickly. It has certain characteristics: for example it is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat.

2 Metalim early stages of diet are the most important because they are the basis for the rest of the diet. It is therefore necessary to know a little more in depth the daily distribution of food, in this case, phases 1 and 2 of Multidimensional feeding method. To do this you brindaré sample menus guide you in making your own menu.

11075791-carne-de-selecci-n-en-la-placaMenus for Phase 1


Option 1: 1 serving of meat and cheese omelet. 1 cup of tea.
Option 2: 1 serving of tuna rolls. 1 cup of tea.
Option 3: 1 serving of chicken breast. 1 cup of tea.

Option 1: 1 serving of chicken soup.
Option 2: 1 serving of gravy.
Option 3: 1 serving of fish filet.

Option 1: 1 serving of filet mignon.
Option 2: 1 serving of fish broth
Option 3: 1 serving of chicken rolls.

Option 1: Gelatin diet. Coffee.
Option 2: Chicken Wings.
Option 3: Legs of pork vinaigrette.
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Menus for Phase 2

Breakfast: 2 eggs with bacon. 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee.
Mid Morning: pork rinds.
Lunch: 1 serving of meatloaf with 1 part cream 1 portion of spinach and lettuce salad. 1 serving of dietary gelatin. Mineral water or diet soda.
Snack: 1 portion of mocha cake. 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee.
Dinner: 1 serving of fish fillet with white sauce. 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee.
The drink is allowed in both the mineral water, more than 2 liters.

The daily distribution of food in stage 1 and 2 of the feeding method Multidimensional lets you understand more about what kind of power proposes Metalim diet. It is important to remember that at this stage is essential to consume dietary supplements proposed by the diet.

Keep in mind that while there are different diets to lose weight, those with medical endorsement are low calorie diets, balanced and harmonious, allowing you to lose weight gradually and steadily.

Remember to consult with your doctor before you implement it.

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