Schnitzel for Dukan diet

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11002560-Schnitzel A suitable recipe from cruise phase


Those who make the Dukan diet should always be covered by a number of alternatives to feel comfortable and not end up abandoning the diet prematurely. You can go testing this recipe, which are delicious breaded fillets or cutlets, suitable for cruise phase.

The Dukan diet always gets complicated at certain times, especially in those in which it becomes difficult to choose foods for recipes. But there are always alternatives as to not complicate things and finish to make you stop the diet.

If you are already in the cruise phase and want to eat some delicious schnitzel -milanesas, as they say in many parts of America-, simply follow this simple recipe, which will give all the necessary tools to enjoy some easy to prepare and that will give many satisfactions at that time the regime.


A good lean beef steak and thin, about 100-150 grams
An egg white
One tablespoon of oat bran and wheat bran
Garlic and chopped parsley
Crushed tomato
A slice of cheese to melt 0%
fresh oregano pepper and salt,

Well crushes the beef fillet, which must be completely lean, and condiméntalo with salt and pepper. Whisk the egg white, which also will place the chopped garlic and parsley. Passes by steak and subsequently coated in the mixture of the two saved. It should stay dry and completely covered by breading. Takes to cook baked.

When it is browned on one side, and give the money back colócale over the crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, chopped fresh oregano and cheese slice 0%. Let the steak finish cooking and browning, and allow the cheese to melt. Now, you will no longer serve this delicious recipe, which is suitable for Dukan diet from cruise phase. But if you wish to not create problems and consume under attack, you have only to remove garlic, parsley and tomato. Even you can do with chicken breast, if you want to. It’s just a matter of proving it.

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