Scientific reason to avoid diet sodas

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Soft drinks, a danger to all

Without any doubt soft drinks are one of the greatest enemies in any diet to lose weight. Even dietary either they are a great prospect. And Harvard, houses one of the most reputable study of the world, just added more reasons to avoid them. Do not miss to know them in this note!

Are you one of those who inevitably ends up falling in soft drinks at one time? How bad you do, because it’s drinks that have absolutely nothing to offer, either on their sugar version, as well as its light presentations. Refreshments are useless.

And, no less, the American University of Harvard seems to agree with what we think about it here. How is this? Yes, as a follow-up study was done on samples of consumption and weight of certain sectors of American society, the results were clear-cut.

9102692-conjunto-de-refrescos-en-botellas-de-pl-sticoThe more soda people consumed, the greater their obesity and overweight. The less you consume or more it reduced its consumption, weight down, including this result also in children.

This speaks to the clear, not only for the damage they do these drinks on those who consume, but also how dangerous they can be all sugary drinks with added sugars, still are “masked” a light product or fruit.


But neither the light, no added sugar or soft drinks is to be very beneficial. Why? Because they substitute sugar with sweeteners super chemicals that could never turn out to be good for your body. And, moreover, are any chemical and processing itself, without much else to add to your diet.

For this reason, do not think twice. If you must drink something with taste, which is a tea, coffee, fruit juice, flavored water a home. Not to mention if you prepare a delicious shake that contains fruits, vegetables, leaves, nuts … Everything fresh and perfect to eat on the spot. But never a refresher are empty and nothing to benefit your daily calories.

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