Secrets Penelope Cruz to stay thin and young

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The diet of the Spanish actress who conquered Hollywood with her beauty

Penelope Cruz is a renowned Spanish actress who has conquered Hollywood, thanks to his talent and beauty. If you want to know what secrets have to stay thin and young, do not miss reading this article.

It is easy to get to Hollywood, very few non-American actors who succeed. One of the actresses that ever has Penelope Cruz is a Spanish actress who has won one of the most important awards in the film industry.

The fact of becoming a star means that many people are interested not only in his career, but also the beauty secrets that allow you to stay young and weight.

What is the Mediterranean diet which makes Penelope Cruz?

While Penelope Cruz has been one of the celebrities who lost weight through the Dukan diet, diet today following is the Mediterranean diet, which includes preparations that are to their liking, such as potato omelette.

No one doubts that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets, to the point that he was considered a World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, it can adapt to the tastes and habits of the doer.

Food and Penelope Cruz preparations included in your diet

Consume vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Consume legumes and whole grains.
Consume yogurt and skim milk.
Use olive oil as the principal fat.
Consume fish, poultry, red meat and eggs in place of red meat.
Drink only one glass of red wine per day, at lunch or dinner.
Avoid processed foods and biscuits.
Eat whole wheat bread.
Omelette consumed occasionally.

Exercise routine Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz not only makes the Mediterranean diet, but also practice a daily exercise routine.

Exercise routine 45 to 60 minutes, comprising:

aerobic exercise. Exercises to burn fat.
Exercise localized. physical activity based weights and machines to tone and firmness.
Stretching and flexibility. This type of activity should be performed 15 minutes before and after the exercises.

Beyond diet and exercise, Penelope Cruz has beauty secrets that allow you to look forever young. Want to know what they are?

Other beauty secrets

Before going to bed wash your face with mild soap or white glycerin soap and water.
a cleaning product is applied.
gentle exfoliation is performed.
a hydrating mask and eye contour is applied.
If you want to look like Penelope Cruz, the Mediterranean diet along with daily physical activity is a healthy alternative to achieve; but remember it is always important to consult with your doctor before doing this or that diet.

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