Shake arugula, good for the liver and help in the diet

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A drink that provides you with antioxidants, vitamins and great slimming properties

Arugula is a green leaf with great properties, used to purify the liver and can give you a hand in your diet. Do you dare to try it in a rich smoothie? Follow the recipe and enjoy this plant in a not so conventional format.

You know the arugula? Probably yes. This green leafy vegetable that anyone could emparentarlo with some type of lettuce or the like, is actually a cruciferous. It has very good properties, especially for its antioxidant capacity, carotenes and several doses of vitamins. It is excellent to help purify the liver and very good for dieters because their calories are more than scarce.

14677232-r-cula-aisladas-sobre-fondo-blancoSome slightly bitter flavor, with hints of nuts and some itching, usually not please him at all. But those who they like, usually adore. An interesting way to add it to your diet is in the form of shake, as you’ll be able to check in this recipe. Ideal to lighten your liver and enjoy good properties in your diet!


A raw and peeled beets
The juice of two oranges
The juice of half a lemon
A cup of arugula leaves
Water to taste

Place beets or raw and peeled beets in the bowl of the mixer. Add the juice of oranges, lemon, arugula and some cold water. Bate preparation until completely homogeneous. Obviously, it will be of a particular color, then violet mix of beets and green arugula will give you an amazing tone.
Well, no more mystery. You’re ready to take the beating. If the taste of the rocket will be too aggressive, you just have to replace a portion of it by another leaf vegetable such as kale or spinach, which are two more soft options.

What gives you this shake?

First, it is an excellent tonic for the liver, since beets, arugula and lemon have good action on this area also result excellent antioxidant.
The rocket gives you vitamin A, C, K and potassium. It also helps cleanse the blood, gives you fiber and has the properties that have many of the cruciferous.
Not only will provide this milkshake diet for good properties, but also great for the defense, the burden of vitamin C you have.

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