Skewers of meat for Paleo diet

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An ideal base recipe for the holidays carbohydrates and more

The Paleo Diet is increasingly fashionable, slightly celebrities who have joined their ranks, partly because of the results it gives. Are you going to lose to try these great shashlik eligible for this scheme? Here you have the recipe.

No doubt, diets low in carbohydrates are gaining significant ground. And much more those who have experienced a windfall in favor, as in the case of the Paleo Diet, which has been welcomed by many celebrities who have incorporated it as its own regime.

This diet is proposed to return to the original habitat of the human being as happened long ago, in the Paleolithic era, where carbohydrates and processed foods were not part of man’s diet for obvious reasons. Therefore, this recipe for beef skewers fits your exact measurement in this particular regime that so well has given some. Never miss a recipe!


250 grams of meat cubes of beef tenderloin
An onion
Some cherry tomatoes
A piece of pepper
One tablespoon grated ginger
One tablespoon of mustard
One tablespoon lemon juice
A tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

Cut the meat into cubes, pepper into squares and generous onion pieces. The tomatoes leave them whole.
In a bowl, prepare a marinade with grated ginger, mustard, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and a little water.
Place the meat cut into pieces in this marinade, cover and let cool for about an hour or two at least.
Thread on skewers a piece of meat, one onion, one meat, one tomato, one of beef, a pepper and so on until finishing with the preparation.
On a grill, griddle, oven or grill over high heat, cook the skewers all sides until completely browned and your desired point. If you want you can go painting with liquid marinade as you are doing.
Once you are ready, you will not have more than enjoy.
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This recipe is ideal for paleo diet because their ingredients are not processed in any of the circumstances; They are vegetables and meat, nothing more. The marinade will give flavor to accentuate the preparation and taste, giving it an interesting end golden touch of balsamic vinegar product. It is a perfect place to put on the table of the festivities if your family is going to light the fire to do something on the grill plate. You will enjoy alongside the rest, without sacrificing your diet and following low-carb principles.

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