Slimming diet habits changed in 12 weeks

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Diet to lose weight permanently

If you’re looking to lose weight permanently, one of the best ways is to do a diet to lose weight by changing habits. In just 12 weeks you can learn how to lose kilos and keep your weight.

If you are waiting for the summer to look thinner, you can not only do it, but you can keep throughout the year. How? through a diet in which you can change eating habits and lifestyle. In just 12 weeks you can lose weight in a healthy and maintaining a healthy weight, without gaining weight again.

Is it possible to change eating habits in 12 weeks?

According to the sayings of Dr. Silvio Schraier, Director of the School of Medical Specialists of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. “In just 12 weeks may well start and consolidate a comprehensive plan of healthy behaviors, including an awareness of the importance of changing habits, so many referrals to healthy food as the practice of physical activity ….”

6363277-frutas-frescasRapid and restrictive diets have effects both sudden weight loss, and its recovery. Instead balanced diets based on lifestyle changes, are slow, but effective permanent effects. The great secret of these positive results are lifestyle changes.

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Keys and diet guidelines 12 weeks to change habits

Changing dietary habits to lose weight in 12 weeks is a balanced diet such as the Mediterranean diet or the diet of 1500 calories. On this diet you must change certain habits, such as:

Controlling portions, consuming small amounts several times a day. If you eat 5 or 6 times a day will not only increase your metabolism but you reduce your food cravings.
Learn to eat more fruits and vegetables. These provide nutrients that help you lose weight, it also reduces your appetite and anxiety.
Add water to your diet. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of this form you will reduce appetite.
Cook your food in a healthy way. Cook for boiled, grilled or steamed. Avoid fried foods.

More tips for changing diet habits

Here are some lifestyle changes you can carry out and which are effective for weight loss. No need to make great sacrifices, only about changing the way we react to food. On the other hand, there are lifestyle habits that you can implement and can help you lose weight, such as walking between 30-50 minutes daily.

This habit if it ends up being a custom, not only help you lose weight but you will be very useful to keep the weight over time.

For lifestyle changes are effective must begin from the purchase of food until they finish eating. The diet includes not only nutritious foods for weight loss properties, but also how they are distributed throughout the day, how you prepare and how you consume.

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