Strawberry water to deflate and make detox

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40276673-fresasA perfect combination to activate the diuresis and clean the belly

Have you ever already prepared some detox water? They are great for deflate and have excellent properties, especially when combined some fruit and some grass. For this reason, let not try this delicious recipe for strawberries with a hint of rosemary and herbs.

The detox waters are a hit with our readers. They have already enjoyed water cress, water watermelon, apple and cinnamon or ginger lemonade with classical and cucumber. And it is by no coincidence that everyone like him are rich, light, give it a different touch to the water you drink every day and, last but not least, these ingredients support will give a hand to detoxify your body , help your liver to work better, deflate, moisturize and give the drink a different flavor par excellence.

See what you think of this new option that will give you today: strawberries, a hint of rosemary, some melon (or pear, or watermelon) and, of course, lots of fresh water. You just have to take account of this excellent recipe for any day of the week, or also to take advantage of that beautiful package of strawberries you get on the market. You stop not try it!

Recipe strawberry water


Two cups of strawberries cut into pieces
One cup of cubed cantaloupe (you can replace watermelon or pear)
Two or three sprigs fresh rosemary
A sprig of fresh mint
required amount of mineral or filtered water

Cut the strawberries into pieces (half, quarter) and place in a large jar. Make own what with melon or their replacements, rosemary and mint. Complete with fresh water, enough to cover all ingredients.

Let stand this preparation in the refrigerator for, at least six hours. This is so that the flavors and “Marsden” to each other are released.

Now, you have no more to drink this delicious detox water at any time of the day, as it will moisturise and give their good properties.

You can use the fund for another lap prepare for the next day. Or even take away rosemary and prepare an excellent smoothie with excess, so you take advantage of these rich pulp fruits.


What gives you this water detox?

It will not work miracles nor is it a cure for weight loss. You simply provides good nutrients, rich flavor and helps cleanse the body with its ingredients.
It is good to activate the diuresis, cleanse the body and help digestion and deshincharte a bit.
It never hurts to consume fresh fruits and herbs in your diet.

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